Watching the Dolphins at the Dolphinaris on Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico!


Guva says:

Wild captured dolphins in a tiny swimming pool, this is HORRIBLE :((((( HORRIBLE, dolphins in a tiny swimming pool :((  Swimming with captive dolphins may seem like fun but I think this is wrong. The harsh reality is kept hidden. Many people don’t realise that the animals are suffering an impoverished and often dramatically shortened existence in captivity and that many have been captured from the wild! These intelligent, social and wide-ranging animals are forced to live in artificial, confined conditions, away from their natural family groups. They are unable to communicate, hunt, roam, mate  and play as they would in the wild. In captivity, dolphins cannot escape from human swimmers when they do not want to interact with them. Many die very young, during capture, transport or in their tanks or enclosures. Pneumonia is the most common form of Death among Dolphins and it is caused by toxins in water as well as Dolphins spending too much time at the surface as they cannot dive deep to cool down like they can in the Oceans.  According to the report ‚Captive Dolphins in Mexico and Dominican Republic written by Dr. Yolanda Alaniz Pasini ( WSPA)‘ most of the captive dolphins  in Mexico have been captured from the wild in Mexican waters, Cuba, Japan and the Solomon Islands.

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