North Korean dolphin show (March 2014)

Taken at the Pyongyang Dolphinarium. The guy hoola hooping was a nice Irish guy on our tour. The crowd found his attempts quite humorous.. He later gave the balloon to a North Korean kid.

PS Its the North Koreans who are the Disney Copyright Infringers, not I..


Gadrienduil says:

Interesting that one of the background songs was Under the Sea from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Katie Alfredson says:

awful 🙁 North Korea buys dolphins from Taiji.

dochmbi says:

I’m curious as to how and where north korea get’s it’s technical know-how, given how backwards and secluded they are. You need experts to build a dolphinarium, to train the animals etc. Do they hire people from outside?

Fut Killian says:

Please STOP TO BUY OCRAS AND DOLPHINS from # TAIJI JAPAN for your cruel slavery-business. Just as the other wild animals !
EMTY the tanks, set them FREE !

They don’t want to stay their life in prisons doing stupid clown tricks for food and amusement of non-conscious humans.
Aquariums, zoos and marine parks alike who keep once wild animals, all play a part in the horrific, six-monthly dolphin hunt that occurs in Taiji … where thousands of these highly intelligent mammals get brutally slaughtered or reduced to slaves for the rest of their life.

Costumers : PLEASE THINK TWICE and Say no to marine park tickets. Animals behind glass didn’t willfully give up their free lives.” Il you buy a ticket you say Yes to slavery, brutal killings and ripping apart of families !

Inform yourself first and tipe : Google : Taiji dolphins

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