Marina Delphinarium! Zoo Tycoon 2

This is a small Dolphinarium of my own design. I excluded food because I wanted to get this out as soon as possible… but here I am posting on the 15th instead of the 14th XD

Marina Dolphinarium opened in the Summer of 1972 with 6 Bottlenose Dolphins and two Pilot Whales in Marina, Florida

Bonnie and Clyde [Pilot Whales] Where the stars of the show until 1981 when a freak pump accident poisoned the tank the two stayed in.

Devastated by the loss the park looked to upgrading their equipment while finding replacements for their Pilot Whales. The owner received a call from another Dolphinarium that an orca had been rescued and needed a forever home. After multiple examinations and inspections the park was given the green light and Cocoa arrived just in time for Christmas of 1982.

Over the years Cocoa became the mascot of the park a a favorite of the people who visited the small town of Marina every summer.

Marina Dolphinarium also became known for providing dolphin calves for several dolphinariums in Florida. This not only controls the population at their park but prevents other parks from taking dolphins from the wild.

in 1996 there was a report of a melanin deficient orca being held in a russian dolphinarium. After a several parks offered to buy the whale the park settled on selling her to the highest bidder. The town of Marina raised nearly $2.5 Million Dollars over the course of a year and in the summer of 1998 she arrived at the park.

The 4 year old was named by the highest detonator, a business man named Roy Greggor. His daughter named her Cookie.

Cookie and Cocoa lived happily in their tank for 10 years before an expansion project was planned for the orca tank. In 2010 the tank expansion doubled the space for the two orcas.

Soon after the expansion Cookie became pregnant with her first calf. The female was born in 2012. She too was melanin deficient like her mother and was named Sunshine since she was born at dawn. Sadly the calf didn’t survive too long and passed in 2014 due to pneumonia.

Cookie mourned her calf’s passing for several days as did the town.

Several years later, in 2017, Cookie was confirmed pregnant again. February 14th 2018 a male was born. He has yet to be named.

*Tank Dimensions:*

Dolphin Tank: 100 x 110 30′ Depth
Orca Tank: 110 x 110 30′ Depth
Orca Tank Expancion: 150 x 80 30′ Depth
Show Tank: 120 x 100 40′ Depth


Andy Le says:

If the baby is a girl you should name it Sakura. If it’s a boy name it Oreo.

ItArlo Rios says:

Name the baby : Shadow or Storm

Katie Cooper says:

Oreo or Chip. This is a great video! I liked seeing your own designs, and how all your animals have a back story. Are you going to expand the tanks? How big can you make them?

Andy Le says:

There are albino orcas in zoo tycoon 2? They look really cool.

Toothless355 and Orca edits says:

That is such a cute but sad back story did you make that up by yourself?

Grace McGowan says:

Omg those high jumps XD

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