Kshamenk’s Tank in Zoo Tycoon 2

I had insomnia so I did this. If you must know this is going up at 3:30am

Also including his dolphin friends this is my attempted recreation of the dolphin stadium in Mundo Marino in Argentina.

The Orca Model had a hard time moving around in the ‘original tank’ and getting into the show pool. I couldnt place a gate system between the back pool and the ‘original pool’ because that’s just now how the game works and he would be trapped in either pool.

I did my best to make a nice underwater viewing area. I couldn’t find any photos of the area so I just did what I wanted.

The orca model also had a bad time mapping for the tricks in the show and would sometimes teleport or not do the trick at all.

My next build will be Keiko’s tank in Reino Adventura, Mexico (Free Willy Stadium) Wish me luck with the underwater viewing area. If it’s too difficult I probably wont build it [underwater viewing] at all.


Katie Cooper says:

Those jumps!

scouse Pets says:

i cant wait for keiko are u gonna include the 2 back pools and also in real life was keiko tank bigger then Lolita the front show pool in documentary i seen looks bigger then lolitas and possibly kshamenks

Caitlyn Kelly says:

your interpretation of the UV looks great. i wish one of the dolphin pools at Sea World Gold Coast had an underwater Viewing area, (preferably the pool with Amity)

Nakai Studios says:

This is so amazing I would never be able to build that

NeverWithoutNalani says:

Could you build the SWSA tanks?

moonmoon says:

these tanks are really good, i cant wait to see more!

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