Gran Bahia Principe Dolphins – UK Travlers Speak Out – YouTube HD

Social media is not some mystery or newfangled invention – social is word of mouth a community that shares information and media is just the format used to communicate. Once it was just person to person then it was telephones and now it’s the internet, computers and smart phones.

The most important development is that the message of ordinary people is getting out and is valued more than marketing hype – thus for travel TriAdvisor is more valued than the commercials presenting one point of view.


TheDizzydiana says:

@james71 don’t just share report it to Born Free foundation.I did it takes a few minutes that’s all

TheDizzydiana says:

can you give me a direct link to the petition please?i will share this video on Twitter right now

JCVdude says:

@TheAlohaRobert that’s it

jumperontheline says:

Please let the hotel know how you feel !!! Sign and share this petition for the dolphins release, let’s get them out before it’s too late : )
thepetitionsite ( dot ) com/202/313/366/release-dolphins-kept-in-a-hotel-pool/

doobyboy21 says:

Dolphins in the south are only for extravaganza ! Don’t support these resorts that wanna sell you a swim with them !

jumperontheline says:

Please everyone, tell the hotel management how you feel about their abuse of these dolphins … let them know that they are losing business because of it …
Exercise your consumer power !!!

timetrader57 says:

Cindy and Joe- I watch your vids all the time. Not all of them but I am glad I caught this one. It is so sad, I have been thinking about all the things that have led to the dolphins being in cages of water. Tourism like so much else tipped the scales to the side of gaudy. Zoos are bad enough. Reminds me of history and something about Nero and fiddles.

nataliastarr says:

My husband and I were walking the beach in Akumal last week, we thought we’d check out Bahia Principe and saw the dolphins there. The owners /management of this resort are despicable! Exploiting mammals for more cash, haven’t they got enough! Glad I saw this video/ others feel the same. I encourage as many people as possible to write a negative review on tripadvisor and other sites. Possibly, the future guests will not pay for a dolphin encounter, to keep these dolphins in captivity.

jumperontheline says:

When I try to post it here, it says Error. I will reply to your channel.

TheDizzydiana says:

Report them to the born Free foundation.I am going to alert them.I like this resort but can’t go back there until these dolphins are removed and re housed at a better place.

jumperontheline says:

If you are against the dolphins being imprisoned, why have you made countless videos which are all basically adverts for the hotel ? This is the only one I’ve come across where you even mention the dolphins … and I’ve looked at quite a few ( understatement )

TheAlohaRobert says:

They are held captive in a small swimming pool

annieladysmith says:

stupid tourists; they don’t have a clue that their world is going to change forever.

James Hull says:

i hope you don’t mind joe and cindy my wife and i are really upset about this and i had to share this on facebook thanks

jumperontheline says:

Well done for sharing James : ) The most powerful thing you can do for the dolphins is to tell the hotel management how you feel. Money talks as they say !!! Please sign and share the petition – details on this page – Kassy

natascha derycke says:

I agree with all you are saying, those animals should be live free, and yes, i have watched the cove and i cried the whole documentary
But what about other animals??
People don’t mind too see monkeys, lions, tigers and many other animals in zoo’s!!
Besides the dolphins, the hotel is beautiful, i visit a few bahia resorts and the service is excellent, but sad for the dolphins

jumperontheline says:

Well done Diana ! There is now a petition to get the dolphins released and returned to the wild : )

jumperontheline says:

Hi Robert, please sign and share the petition to get these dolphins released. I have given the address below.

marmvb mulder says:

Were can i find the petition?Is there any news about the dolphins there?When i heard about dolphins coming to the hotel i complained about it in an email.They said that they will treat them well.I also told them that i would not go the the hotel because of this en don’t understand why people like JVC dude did go.I was in this hotel in 2006 and there were nog dolphins.If i found out then while i was there i would go to another hotel.I’ts disgusting,they life in an pool but can’t never release.

thelma quinn says:

well having seen this i will be boycotting this hotel group . these people who say they have it made are as bad as the management of this hotel . exploiting these mammals for money . disgraceful

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