Dolphinarium Nightclub Terror Attack

Fourteen years ago today, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Dolphinarium, a popular nightclub in Tel Aviv. The attack killed 21 young men and women who just wanted to go out and dance. May their memory be a blessing.

For more from the IDF:


Convict says:

Fun fact: The stolen land (Israel) is so small it’s becoming overcrowded, no place to house you filthy zionists and burry the dead. You lot are in a sardine can and will forever be like that, hahaha

Jason Steelflex says:

the palestinian terrorist organization hamas claimed responsibility for this suicide bombing!

tzinanechumah says:

We remember them.

Safety-Broken says:

אחד האירועים היותר כואבים שקרו לנו באינטיפאדה …צעירים, בני נוער, שרק התחילו את החיים שלהם, עם תוכניות לעתיד, עם אהבה בלב עם חלומות וככה קטעתם להם את כל זה !?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
יש לי דמעות בעיניים כשאני רואה את זה …
יהיה זכרם ברוך!
PS- אני מקווה שמי שתכנן וביצע את זה ישרפו בגיהנום לעד! לא נשכח ולא נסלח.

Rabbi Shlomo Shekelstein says:

very nice and chilling

PoliceCenter says:

That last thing that Islamic pig probably said before he went to hell was “Allahu Akbar!”

Yes, God is great… just not the ‘god’ he was talking about in his final words.

DJ Arnoldo says:

Exterminate all Islamo-Nazi cockroaches!

NeferkariSetElf says:

Mr. Netanyahu do you remotely even p— even a single person off yes you do for the

Hospital treatment your government has given to terrorists; you should resign defeat

Because this thing resolutely p—– just me off enough to say you gave into all deceit

You invited the enemy in with all your EU friends you make way too many speeches

That is an actual root cause is all you have done is made head-way for Satan’s seat

All that government of yours has been is to blame Hezbollah for your screws are up

That is go blame yourself Mr. Netanyahu collaboration with the enemy time is a cup

Convict says:

Why are the zionist government in the stolen land (Israel) helping al-Qaeda and ISIS is Syria. There are many photos and videos of idf helping these terrorist into the stolen land to a fuel hospital.

No Is No. says:

Sad. And the entire world puts up with these fanatics. For what?
They are like a staph infection on the face of humanity.

ImGodUFUCK says:

מי מכניס ערבים למועדון בכלל..ועוד בלי בידוק מינימאלי..

Convict says:

It was confirmed by CNN that this was a false flag and that some terrorist Jewish settlers did this. May God help you dirty terrorist, save you from the fire of hell.

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