Dolphin in a Swimming Pool

Do your hear that echo? Do you hear how condensed the sound is? Imagine what it’s like for those two beautiful girls, trapped in the Hotel Pool.


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Note 2: I was literally shaking when I was making this. F***ing Pissed.


The Cetequine Life says:

Totally unacceptable, these people know nothing about dolphins and what they need

Tina Behla says:

So sorry for the dolphins.That is unbelievable and wrong

Grace McGowan says:


Lita SeaWorldMaster says:

At least, it seems like the trainers care. Even the heartless of marine parks will have at least one trainer that cares.

Kaelyn Ambuehl says:

@LadyRed I love how educational your videos are. Q:If you owned a Orca would you keep it or release it back the wild with its pod?

Katie Cooper says:

I don’t blame the people who have disabilities and want to visit these amazing creatures, but this is such a sad situation. I wonder though, does the tank size itself matter? Don’t get me wrong, I think the bigger the better, but Lolita lives in the smallest orca tank, and Corky lives in one of the largest, yet they are both have made it to the same age. I hope that these dolphins are given plenty of stimulation. But even that still doesn’t comfort me. As I watched them play with those balls, I knew it was a trained behavior, and they could be enjoying it, they could not be. Thanks for informing us about this issue, and sharing the links.

Katina Productions says:

Would you like to join my favorite vintage orca show mep ????

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