Yucatan Cenotes, Tulum Street Food, and Mucho Amor

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I love Mexico and Ali loves Mexico, so I decided to surprise her with a Mexican adventure for her birthday. We landed in Cancun, rented a car, and headed south with no plans. We stopped by Cenote Cristalino for a quick dip, got a fish pedicure, ate amazing street food in Tulum and went for a nice run in the Sian Kaan biosphere.

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Andrew Weiss says:

If you ever need a ride to DIA and back, hit me up, boulder student and your an inspiration. Always trying to facilitate adventure

Salvador Martinez says:

i love that being spontaneous is AWESOME!!!! actually it all depends on the person, i used to get sick all the time, well every time i went down there. but definitely the hot sauce helps. i really hope to find a girl with that energy. thanks for the vids.

Douglas Herr says:

When did you do the ride across the U.S.A., before or after Mexico?

Rich M says:

It is stunning that you had to rent a car in Mexico. (adding to the irony when you were in that Subaru commercial). See what a girl can get you to do? looks like you had a great trip.

pepperman says:

Looks like you duzerised that girl! Congratulations!! I can tell that you are very happy together and you seem to match perfectly! Looking forward to the coming up videos…

Tony Castro says:

Good for you!!!! Keep riding


entonses le gusta la aventura a tu novia?
como dijiste..

Bikey Mike says:

Dang Ryan, this brings tears of joy to my eyes! Not kidding! I’m so happy for both of you! I used be able to run as well, but MS has stripped me of that ability. Luckily I am still able to cycle! Not very long and not very fast, but good enough! Enjoy your lives together, forever!❤❤❤❤

Oscar Perez says:

Ryan I am so glad u found a soulmate. After seeing ur video I am convinced that this next week I will be taking my bike and ride all around Bacalar and Tulum area!!

rustnevrsleeps says:


Eduardo says:

Mmmmmm tacos delicious

Dmitry Rubinstein says:

Like, very much like! You guys look so sweet together.

Brian Smith says:

Nice one Ryan and best of luck guys

RRP3168 says:

Hey, bienvenidos a México! Feliz de que estén por acá visitándonos!!

marcel van der velden says:

8 people ..don’t love.

Ryan Van Duzer says:

Thank you all for your kind words, I’m feeling VERRRRRY grateful to have met Ali…and very grateful that she likes going on crazy adventures. Stay tuned for more! #TeamDuzer

Jeff Katzer says:

How sweet, I’m happy for you my friend.

Gary Vaughan says:

Speaking of street food, I wonder if the guy used that guy at 3:46 used that puddy knife to spackle earlier in they day! 🙂 #teamduzer! 🙂 OMG it’s great to see you so happy and loving that we get 2 videos in 1 day! And you’re right – Ali is awesome because I have yet to find a woman who wants to go on vacation with no plans. 🙂

TheJoePavlik says:

Hope she likes bikes too

Rosario Lobo says:

Ryan…. I’m soooo happy!! Like happy joyful teary kinda happy ! Like I wanna cry right now kinda happy !!! Not only you guys are a handsome couple you also like doing the same things. No more gazing at the stars by yourself altho I know those are good too 🙂 but now you can gaze at her too. I think my heart is melting. I’m glad you waited. She is sooo worth the wait. I’ll put this in my playlist along with the other adventures and I’ll keep doing that till I run out of memory space hahahaha. Love it, love it, love it !!!!

Travis Dalton says:

You guys are nauseatingly cool. I’m glad you found a woman to challenge you. Congrats man. You seem a chill guy, and it’s awesome you are happy.

Mississippi Leg Hound says:

Just have kids already dang!

Carlos Fernandez says:

My friend you are in love..and that’s good

Tara Walker says:

Love that u have found your love,lv t

Douglas Herr says:

The security lines are unconstaitional and against the law

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