Unbelievable Mexican Food – FIRE GRILLED MEAT + Cenote and Chichen Itza in Yucatán, Mexico!

Join us on this amazing Mexican food road trip through Yucatan, Mexico!
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We started off in the morning in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and the plan was to drive all the way to Merida, the capital of Yucatan state. But on the way, we’d stop off to eat some amazing Mexican food, and also visit some attractions in Yucatan like a cenote and Chichen Itza. It turned out to be one of the most amazing days of my Mexico trip – here’s everything we did and ate.

Tacos De Cecina Estilo Yecaixtla – Before leaving Playa Del Carmen, we desperately needed some taco nourishment, and so we stopped at Tacos De Cecina Estilo Yecaixtla, a street food stall that’s known for their beef tacos. I tried a few of their tacos, all of which were outstanding, and overflowing with meat!
Price – 74 MXN ($3.97) for my plate

Cenote X’canché – We drove towards Valladolid, and not too far from there is a cenote known as Cenote X’canché. The hard thing about Yucatan and visiting a cenote is that there are so many to choose from, but since we had a car, I wanted to go to one that was a little more off the beaten path and quiet. It proved to be an amazing experience, so quiet and peaceful.
Entrance – 50 MXN ($2.69), Bicycle ride – 100 MXN ($5.37) per person

La Tía de Kaua – There’s a Mexican food Yucatan dish known as poc chuc, that’s one of the ultimate dishes from the region – usually made of pork marinated and grilled or cooked over a hot fire griddle. In the sleepy town of Kaua, we stopped at La Tía de Kaua for some incredible poc chuc and freshly ground habanero tomato salsa. It was such an insanely delicious meal.
Total price – 300 MXN ($16.11) for 4 adults

Chichén Itzá – Finally, to wrap of the day of Mexican food and attractions in Yucatan, we drove to Chichen Itza. It’s one of the most visited attractions in Mexico and it’s an amazing sight to see. We arrived in the late afternoon, and luckily it wasn’t too busy.
Entrance price – 242 MXN ($13) per person

Mérida – Finally we arrived to Merida at night. Stay tuned for the next Merida street food tour!

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mohammed alshadwi says:

Why Mexicans depend so much on pork for meat? It’s unhealthy at all

Kring Gonzales says:

Micah’s so cute

iSim0641 says:

I really hope Mark goes to Oaxaca region. Food there is amazing.

Jobin Atwal says:

Please come to New Zealand i beg you

Jp Rubio says:

Cenotes are what Mayans used to store water. Not sure if they were man made. But this is the reason Mayans survived living in the middle of the jungle

000BlueTsunami000 says:

PUT YOUR KID IN A CAR SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Rollock says:

Are you going to collaborate with the Food Ranger since he’s touring Mexico as well?

Hasnaat khan says:

Wow mark incredible 9:04 _ 9:05 Zach king is gonna be jealouse

Ann Dodd says:

The best trip so far Mark. Loved it!

Village Food Life says:

Awesome Mexican Foods and Amazing Beautiful Place.

MetalGearMk3 says:

New sub, I gotta say the quality of your video is amazing!

Hungry Alien says:

Mark wiens is the only human I can relate too. He can eat ungodly amounts of chili’s like my people, but then again we eat fire.

Monica wonika says:

You Guys are amazing! Thank you Xox

Jackey Niraula says:

230 foodbloggers disliked it lmao



Benjamin Blizzard says:

Our Family Adventure is Cancun…. We have been too Playa del Carmen!! Chichen Itza was Amazing when we went last Year at the End of March and it was FREAKIN Hot!! Thanks for the New Food Ideas..

Orkhan Eyvazli says:

Mark you are super man. Please come to Azerbaijan and eat the best food which will be the best thing you had ever eat in your life.

muneeb ali says:

Try food in pakistam please you will love it

Louise Fabi says:

Cheers Micah for walking. Great vid Mark.

Monica Ant. says:

21:11 lmao was that a soccer game playing on the background, that voice sounded familiar lol

Derek Schmidt says:

So awesome to watch your boy walk. Thanks for sharing that!

Rock Star says:

can you learn to eat for once, you ignorant pig

Santanu Datta says:

Two of my favorite YT food vloggers, Mark and Trevor James Food Ranger, are both in Mexico right now. You guys should team up for an episode! I was lucky enough to visit Chichen when they still let you climb up El Castillo. You could also climb inside EC to see the golden jaguar at the top. It’s claustrophobic in the tunnel and I experienced the only panic attack in my life. By the way, you probably passed by Valladolid, which is famous for its longaniza.

Mason Nesson says:

Mark while eating makes a true horror movie hahaha

Fatima and Amy Loya says:

mark this has been by far the most gorgeuous video youve shot. I love your content

Casper Coreas says:


Mélanie B says:

Please Go to Panamá

Smokey the Bear says:

Alot of people were skinned alive and thrown off the top of that pyramid. What history.

Jim Slip says:

for the love you have for food you, should switch your last name to WINES 🙂

xregretxthursx says:

Wow this trip to Mexico is amazing!! I hope there’s more.

Luis Borja says:

Your reactions are so dumb man

Aleksandar Kuyumdzhiev says:

i really like the fake smile…

Michi Natsu says:

Hello mark I enjoyed every videos you made I hope you visit Philippines again and I like how you react on the foods you eat 😀 the mark weins head tilt trend 🙂

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