Cenote Angelita: “Underwater River”

Cenote Angelita: “Underwater River”

Camera: Anatoly Beloshchin.

Cenote Angelita information:
– Location: Mexico, 22km. to the south of Tulum
– Maximum depth: 59m.
– Fresh water: 0-29m.
– A layer of hydrogen sulfide: 29-31m.
– Fresh water: 31-59m.


Reza Rahman says:

Is this called Brine pool ? Or similliar one?

narendra katrala chary says:

its a mayan river,and it is fog containing hydrogen sulphide,(not a river)

Robert Dunn says:

Kept waiting for Charon to come thru.

Darel Dacayana says:

ano Yung biglang dumaan

Sujit Kumar says:

Or video dal bro

Barry Cooper says:

Beautiful! Would love to be there

Marcia Chaves says:

Tem que ter muita coragem e calma pra fazer isso parabéns

~Oia~ says:

Волшебное место какое-то )

lightwarrior64 says:

the terrible place of no living being

ALI sao says:

Scary lake

ell ell says:

So the diver was swimming in Hydrogen sulfide gas? The boiling point of Hydrogen sulfide is -76 f .. ??

Al ΛXΖS says:

Fresh water _H_ Salt water

Game Net says:

Hay như cc

Nazri Naim says:

No wonder. Already written in Quran 1500 years ago. People just found it.

Qmi says:

Why both types water not mixing with each other…?!?

aira de castro says:

I think has no live fish only wood.this really beautiful if have a lot of fish.

Mikee Jin says:

creepy place afterall

Petals Amora says:

I don’t think the background music is necessary.It’s distracting.

Mailie Faith Ngirmidol-Kelley says:

Well done!

TheCooperFox says:


haje haje says:

ماشاء اللة

왕코 says:


Chad Cooks says:

Man im just trying to find the cove tree

Muffin on Lean says:

It’s pretty cool that this is a thing irl

haje haje says:

سبحان الخالق العظيم

ruby hampton says:

Too bad they put the stupid music in there…

Kadir Öncel says:

heey 6:43 and 6:49 ?

Roger Foster says:

So it’s an old sinkhole.

*SlickySlickDo * says:

Is there underwater in the underwater under the river?

Moff Maxwell says:

I’ve came here to leave a comment about The Lost River. I’m not the only one. God damn it.

Qtella r says:

Oh I see where the idea for the lost river came from! (Subnautica)

1.3B • Views says:

This music is unnecessary as FUCK!!!

tweety carmona says:


Ashraf Talib says:

Credit to divers..subhanallah..

Cookie Monster says:

Scary place. It takes a brave heart to go down there.

Dinda Deta says:

music so scary

balaram chaudhary says:

oh wow! it seems like this buddy is flying in air over the river , so clean

Guruvelli GTech says:


ayenneheaven says:

seriously? Leaves at the bottom?

lonely but not when you hold me says:

i got subnautica vibe

oscar rivera says:

You were too daring to do that! What kind of woman are you?

Neil Pan says:


kelvin tpt says:

Fucking music background

mark zerfil says:

whatever is that in the bottom looks

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