AMAZING Cenotes of the Yucatán (Cenotes Cuzamá)

Welcome to Yucatán amigos! Today we explore the Cenotes Cuzamá at Santa Barbara. Visiting cenotes is a must do experience while you are in Merida or anywhere in the Yucatán for that matter. The cool blue water is sure to make for an unforgettable experience! If you are looking for one of the top things to do in Merida, look no further!

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Hola amigo! We are Greg and Hillary – a husband and wife team that loves traveling, going on adventures, and helping others do the same! For the past two years or so we have been living in and traveling through Mexico! We have lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, and Querétaro. Additionally we have traveled to a few other places within Mexico such as Puebla, Huasteca Potosina, Monterrey, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Cancún, Aguascalientes, Morelia, Guadalajara, Cholula, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, and a Valle de Bravo, Tulum, and a few others 😃

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MrTomlarge420 says:

It’s -27 and total whiteout conditions with bad snow squalls. (Ontario, Canada) I’ll be in playa del carmen soon enough

Juana Molina says:

You were often speechless in this video, unable to describe the experience and for that reason…, this trip just got listed in my bucket! Thank you for sharing. Saludos desde Cali.

James Ramir says:

thank you so much guys, great work

Nancy Cortes Rubio says:

Well done guys!!

Racho Solís says:

Se transmite la espiritualidad del sitio aun con el vídeo. Imagínense estar ahí, es de verdad, mágico. Yucatán es místico, espiritual, tierra de gran nobleza.

P.S. Si vienes a vivir a Yucatán, respeta los usos y costumbres de su gente, y hazlos tuyos también, muy importante.

Neutral Zone says:



Most gr!ngos believe Mayans doesn’t exist but in Mexico there are a lot people that speak Mayan an also náhuatl , in Mexico there are more than a 100 languages or dialects.

Miguel Hernandes says:

No me explico porque los mexicanos sueñan con turistiar en otro país si México lo tiene todo.

Judith Yip says:

Wow guero, muy buena pronunciación de la R! estoy impresionada. Guera, el clavado y tu maya muy impresionantes.

denise desarden says:

You guys are so fun to watch share the beauty of Mexico!

ruloslugo says:

When you are in a warm weather place and you get inside the cenotes, it´s like you are in another world. Amazing! and I I hope you have enjoyed the underground and mistic Yucatán. Greetings from Mérida MX.

Alonzo Lopez says:

Ahora entiendo porque mi mexico no sé compara con ningún otro país dios quiso hacer un paraíso de estas tierras hermosas gracias amigos

Jj Jj says:

OMG! What an exotic place!, unreal!!!!!, Love It!!!!!!!

Olivia Hill says:

Ooooh !! Pooobrecito el caballito.

alex chan says:

Welcome to Yucatán

Gerry Camelon says:

Wow Amazing. Ty

Arturo Rivas says:

Now that I notice, you guys are always eating lmbo

Gianna Giavelli says:

how cold is the water?

Whôlf Houston says:

In Europe it took us more than fifty years to discover that “tortilla” creates (for the way it is made, nature made obviously) antibodies in the human organism that protect against leprosy (disease commonly known in Europe) in the Amarican continent.


Les falto Celestum, saludos

Guille Kuri says:


Chinelo Mochilero says:

Hi this is just a recommendation
Guys don’t do anymore animal activities
It’s sad to see those horses pulling over that heavy rail

Galo Granados says:

Hello friends visit the cenote choj ha is between cancun and valladolid

loera javier says:

You guys just make me smile with your videos desde Merida, stay safe amigos.

Rolando Victoria says:

Great again i being missing a lot of your videos now i remember whay i love them

Alma D says:

Nice video.

Martha Zamudio says:

Very dangers if you don’t wear a special swimming equipment you can easily drown …

Claudia Nava says:

Beutiful places

VV VV says:

Only a corecction o maybe to clarify a doubt; If you were at Santa Barbara, you were in Homún not in Cuzama….

Toño Bravo says:

Hola Amigos, I want to go next week to Yucatan to that place. I’m coming from la ciudad de Mexico and will be arriving in Merida. Can you guys tell me the best way to get to those cenotes from Merida? Did you guys take a taxi, bus,…. caballo? lol Saludos!!!!

Jagger Contreras says:

Thank you guys . we Mexican love you guys

Jesús Rojas says:

Thanks for sharing my beatiful Yucatán to everyone, I’ m so proud to be Mexican and be born in Yucatán.

Edgar Rincon says:

What part of usa u from guys

Bella Fabiz says:

7:58 I’m in Love!

Alex Cabson says:

I just absolutely love your videos, and this is one of my all time favorite.

Rosa Abrego says:

Love the cenotes! I took a trip on one of those horse wagons on a track too. The guide took us to three cenotes, which may have been the ones you visited. Just beautiful. Did you know that because there are so many cenotes, that some people actually have them in their backyard? I’d love to have one on my property!

Rodolfo Ramirez says:


Jagger Contreras says:

I love tortillas calientitas yeah delicious

Xavier Garcia says:

Ha de ser muy relajante estár ahí good for you guys wera y goyo

Joshua kennety Hernadez says:

Waoo heemoso lugar, saludos kinetic kennons

Kinetic Kennons says:

What is the weather like in your neighborhood today?

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