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Part of my 8th birthday adventure at the Barcelo Mayan Rivieria Mexico.

I like him 😀 Moby is cute 🙂 20/06/2009 – Nürnberg Dolphinarium Do not use without my permission !

Our last excursion in Mexico was zip lining and repelling.. We also went cave snorkeling in an underground Cenote, but I don’t have any video of that. I sped up the last portion of the repelling because the kids were going so slow. I like to repel as fast as I can and try to […]

During our stay at Gran Bahia Sian Kaan at Riviera Maya, this was a free dolphin “show” at Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. It lasted only about 5 minutes, however, and was more of a teaser to get you to purchase interaction experience tickets. Still it attracted a big crowd include ourselves. See some photos we […]

In a small hotel pool at the HYATT HOTEL ZIVA in Cancun, Mexico, there are five dolphins that are being commercially exploited for shows and swimming programs. The dolphins barely have any space for swimming and diving. The pools for the hotel guests are in fact larger than the pool where the dolphins are locked […]

A little video with orcas, just for fun. 🙂 Write your opinion in the comments. Crédit : MakaniWind Production CetusCetus EchoBeluga Pablo Tektek TruaBelieve Studio TheShamuLova Wetsuit_up Search1able Luna Beluga Daniel V SeaAngel Studio Eduardo evengelista Dennis Rumancev VR360homes Marineland CA Léa lzl JLD-HD 02 Marineland TV Me (Galinette1208) Create with Sony Vegas Pro 13. […]

Photographing Killer Whales – Orcas – Wild Photo Adventures This week hot Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos explore the San Jaun Islands of Washington State in search of Killer Whales to photograph. They will share their tips and tricks on how to photograph these amazing animals.

This is literally all I know about the Russian/Asian Orcas at this time. If you have any questions or additional information I would love to hear about it in the comment section below! I don’t own any of the footage used in this video! • Whale Holding Facility – • Alder Dolph. Trip Advisor: […]

Les requins et les dauphins, deux espèces emblématiques du monde marin entretiennent en réalité, des relations très conflictuelles. Des scientifiques vont tenter d’observer le comportement des requins vis-à-vis des dauphins et notamment là manières dont ils attaquent ces derniers. Requins VS Dauphins : samedi 17 juin à 20.45 Plus d’infos :

Swin and interact with the dolphins at Dolphinarium, Xcaret Park Riviera Maya Mexico

DO NOT USE MY VIDEOS!!! YOU WILL BE REPORTED!!! Inouk goes first while Keijo stays with trainer Malik, then we have Wikie with Trainer Hazel, leaving Moana behind. then 4 trainers join WIkie at the stage lol again with the weird hand signals lol sorry I just think its weird, just used to SeaWorld and […]

Diving with dolphins in Minsk, dolphinarium “Nemo”.

Petite promenade au Barcelo Maya Palace et sa plage

I got bored so I thought: Why not rehash the first three Free Willy movies into a HTTYD trailer? LOL I don’t know how long this took but it didn’t help that Video Pad was on it’s freaking period! UUUUG!! So many restarts! Anyway: I hope you liked it! *NOTE: I DO NOT OWN HTTYD […]

Time for some off-roading through the jungle on our way to the cenote. Tulum and Barceló Maya Grand Resort: two destinations in Mexico that will leave you speechless. Discover their beauty, their cenotes and their crystal-clear water with Courtney Scott as your guide. Welcome to the best vacation of your life. Welcome to #BarceloStories More information at:

#FreeAhitzi,a male dolphin kept in permanent isolation in Dolphinaris marine park in Mexico. We first discovered Ahitzi in 2012 kept out the back of the dolphinarium alone he is still there! He was captured in Cuba and has become too dangerous to interact with tourists apart from twice a day when the dolphinarium take a […]

Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, Michael Jackson Show 10

The Dolphinarium discotheque massacre was a Hamas terror attack on 1 June 2001 in which a Hamas-affiliated Islamist terrorist blew himself up outside a nightclub on the beachfront in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing 21 Israelis, 16 of them teenagers. I took the opportunity while the door was open to go inside to have a look. […]