The Best Cenotes Near Cancun

I saw that a serious snowstorm was barreling in on Colorado and I decided to take a last minute trip to the Riviera Maya with my friend Larkin. We ate muchos frijoles, jumped in every Cenote possible, and enjoyed the simple magic of Mexico. We were only there a little over three days, but it was incredible. Viva Mexico! *Thank you Larkin for the awesome sunrise footage at the end of this video.

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Camera Gear:
Sony A6300
Sony 18-105 Zoom Lens
Sony 10-18 Wide Lens
DJI Mavic Pro

Music by Killer Tracks:Dimensions,Island Currents,Beautiful Strange,Wonderful Winter,Tijuana Turkey, Borracho de ti, Come Together,Beautiful Macaw,3 days of sun,Mexican Party


Mely Cardenas says:

hola, visita Tulum, es mas bonito, te encantará, saludos!

Angelica Matos says:

Awesome vid man…love your spontaneity, edits and overall outlook!

Salem Hollst says:

Why does this end with your buddy having his teeth cleaned?

FOSSO says:

Those cenote look fun!

Brissa del mar says:

Love the music!! Great video, please tell me all about the public transportation and wonder where you leave your things when you swim

Marcos Palomares says:

looks awesome! I want to visit my home state sinaloa Mexico and visit mazatlan and do a bike ride around. the city…where is your next bike ride Ryan?

ZMG says:

So I have been curious for a while, and maybe you have answered this already, but; what camera/gear do you use for your vlogging? The quality is really good! Also, besides the drone, is that the same camera you use for all of your shots? Keep up the good work and living that epic life!

Vacation for Wholeness & Health says:

Ryan, where was the Cenote you visited that had the Zip Lines and Dive Platforms? I need to find something awesome to take my daughter to. Something between the Tulum Ruins and Playa del Carmen. We are driving ourselves. Also, can you speak a little to the best way to keep our belongings secure….is the trunk of a car a good place?

Magnolia Lopez says:

how many days did you stay in cancun ?

Hugo Hernandez says:

thanks for the video, didn’t know about many of the cenotes you to

Dana D Derichsweiler says:

Cool underwater stuff and how did you have that camera running when your back pack in the security check? Xanthe is looking up Cenotes right now for our PV trip in Feb. See you soon.

Saulo M. Espadas says:

Hola Ryan Van Duzer, estupendo vídeo. Una consulta ¿Cuál es el hotel en que te hospedaste en Playa del Carmen?

RAphAEL SpinoZa says:

What a beautiful place!

Daine Clark says:

I just watched this video twice without realizing it lol. Love it! You’re very good at film making and making anything interesting and funny

steve b says:

Great adventure man, I’m glad you brought us along

Evelyn Luu says:

I love this so much! How did you guys get to all of those cenotes? Did you have to go on a tour or what? And which cenote was the one with the zipline thing?! I’m visiting Cancun in the summer and these cenotes are on my bucket list!!!

Chad Schimmel says:

Ryan that was a great video, you must be a pro. thanks so much for it.

Christian Arza says:

Awesome video as always, enjoy seeing your cenote adventures. They are truly one of the best treasures of Mexico along with frijoles haha. And you picked a great time to go. Escape from the cold and also the exchange rate is unbelievable right now. 21 pesos for 1 dollar.

Andrea Olivieri says:

Looooved this video Ryan! Salud!!!

Jeanne Eisenhaure says:

Transitions on point, great edit Duzer.

Bibiana Liria López says:

nice Spanish accent! 🙂

Sarah Grace says:

OMG I just found your channel… subscribed!!

J G says:

I love Mexico!

Sam Gastro says:

Inspiring! Thanks for creating this!

George Brown says:

What is the name of the Cenotes you visited? Also, do you remember the area you were in with all of the food stands? I’m going to Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum in August and I need the hookup! 🙂 thanks

Magnolia Lopez says:

just looking at the food !!!!! lol

can’t wait !!

Julie says:

Great video

Salem Hollst says:

Fun and educational!. I learned a new geological term: cenote.




Alanfiiilmzstuff says:

iv been to some of them. there was one that had a zip line and rope swing and it was really cool

abdielguitar7 says:

what is the name of the second cenote where you took a zip line? thanks nice vid

Andres Blea says:

super cool! hopefully the tourists dont trash those cenotes they look sacred af

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