Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Cancun, Mexico

If swimming with the whale sharks is not on your bucket list- what are you doing?
Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Mexico was one of the coolest experiences of my life! They are such magnificent animals. See how big they are and take in their beauty.

We booked through www.CancunWhaleSharkTours.com
My Bikini is the Lola Bikini from www.ImHaute.com

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melina s says:

RIP PLANKTON the Chum Bucket wont be the same without you.

Savarev 06 says:

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo planton you should run

Zahra Tuinbeek says:

Can you touch them ?

Mahbu says:

It seems like whale sharks ignore you.

Sadie Elorreaga says:

Where did you get your swimsuit? it’s so cute

rjoachi says:

Hi!  What kind of camera did you use for the video or was that part of the package?

Fabian Ruiz says:


sarah79416 says:

they arent the biggest fish.

Goku_killinit 11 says:

Are you allowed to touch them hang on from his fin?

Vivian San says:

apples are good for seasickness 🙂

cute flower says:

Awww its actually kind of cute!!! And they don’t want to hurt you either, since they’re filter feeders!!! These sharks are so calm and nice!!

Miner4926 says:

Whale Sharks are actually DON’T want to hurt people, what you see about “Whale Shark’s Attacking Divers” Is either A. Photoshopped or B. A mere say, crash. Whale sharks are really only into eating plankton, which is why they keep their mouths open! So yes, this experience would be amazing and I would love it! (But I don’t know how to swim) That’s my little fact sheet, so happy to be of service.

MysteryVlogs says:

Wale Sharks! Awesome 😀

Marlyn Gonzalez says:

How aoubout a real shark not the sharK your swiminG with a other shark is there there only in worm water

These Cichlids says:

don’t look down on the boat, or at close water; to help avoid sea sickness. just an opinion

Sammydaisyfame 10113 says:

Awe you’re going to get eaten

josephmarkdavis says:

Was there any current out there?

jean-baptiste Masse says:

I swam with whale sharks in Cancun as well and I wish everybody to have the chance to do it 🙂 You can’t imagine the size of these things unless you are only one meter from their open mouth ! easily the best thing I have done so far 😉

hamstergirl4444 says:

I love the pitch – yes, we’re gonna make you wear biodegradable sunscreen to not mess with the ecosystem, and then wreck havoc, alongside other tour boats doing the same ;)….*sigh *….it’s not that I’m critical of those who take these tours – I just hate the phony “we care” attitude of the tour companies – if they really cared, they wouldn’t do this at all…
I could never go out there – I get motion sickness playing video games lol – put me on a boat, and I’d be clutching the Great White Steering Wheel in a hot second…

Frank Doheyn says:

We did this on Isla Holbox, Mexico (west from Cancun) for 900 Mexican pesos. It was great!

nikkira78 says:

The seasickness part is very true – it almost ruined the swim for me and I had never had sea sickness before. I took the meds before we went out in the sea and luckily I made to swim with a few sharks (see my little mini video), before I started getting sick. The sickness lasted for 10 hours and I felt the motion of the waves still at night. LOL.

Robert Lembo says:

Scariest part was the sting ray…that shit’ll kill you…the walesharks were gorgeous though!!

ShadowFireHime says:

they are absolutely beautiful

Elan Roberts says:

What did you use to film this? Thanks!

stephen lang says:

I saw a baby Whale Shark in Bermuda during a Glass Bottom Boat tour. The baby Whale Shark was approximately 5 feet long but swam by before I could take a photo of it. I was too shocked to take a photo of the Baby Whale Shark in time. A newborn baby Whale Shark is actually much smaller than 5 feet long from what I understand.

sultan4swing says:

I’m a 67 year-old who has always been a ‘water baby’…… well, as a Piscean – what else… Have had many wonderful experiences swimming with marine life and right among many wild dolphins in Australia and Egypt….. My wife is scared to death that I have to swim with these amazing critters…… Looks like a Mexico land tour finishing in Cancun…and then a boat trip……….. !!!!!!!!! For me now this is a MUST DO….. sorry lovely wife – but will you join me????

Dead Planet says:

Come on, give us a good body shot!!

Aquaworld says:

Hi guys, we hope to see you back in Cancun soon, we’d love you to come swim with the Whale Sharks with us.

sarah79416 says:

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