Mexico Money Saving Tips!

So you want to go on Vacation to Mexico? We recently went to Puerto Vallarta and have been to Mexico in the past. So it’s time to share some Mexico Money Saving Tips with you guys to help you have the Ultimate VACATION for Less!

Tip #1: When booking resorts in another country, I would recommend using something like You can see the ratings of each hotels in that city and what specific things other families or couples said about the resort.

Tip #2: is another great resource that you can use. They travel to each of the hotels and take real pictures that haven’t been edited so you can see what the resort really looks like.

Tip #3: You can lose a LOT of money when heading to another country, if you don’t understand exchange rates or how it all works. And if you exchange your money at the wrong location, you will pay a higher fee or even a higher percentage on the exchange rate.

Your best bet is to use a credit card that has a 0% foreign transaction fee.

I would NEVER pay with American Dollars and have them give you back Pesos. You will lose a lot of money and not realize. So it’s best to have Pesos on you to purchase with cash.

If you can get to a Bank in Mexico, it’s your best bet to getting the lowest fees on your exchange rate. However, if traveling to the city or bank location is out of your way and will end up costing more money than exchanging somewhere else, your 2nd best bet is to exchange at the airport right after you land. NOTE: There are multiple exchange rate services at the airports typically. So check to see what exchange rates they have AND their service fee.

Lastly, if you have enough time, you can order foreign cash through your bank BEFORE your trip!

Tip #4: If you have never traveled to mexico before, you’ll want to know that you should never, ever take a first price you hear when purchasing products. You can always negotiate. You’ll go back and forth with the shop owner until you come to an agreed upon price.

Tip #5: Shop around when it comes to excursions.

Tip #6: In Mexico, always, always, always keep your valuables in the room safe! Laptops, Passports, money, jewelry, cameras… they should all go in your in-room safe every single time you leave it.

Tip #7: For most places in Mexico, you won’t need any sort of power converter or power adapter. So that alone, will save you anywhere from $30- $100.

Tip #8: For transportation, check with the hotel you are staying at and see what kind of transportation they offer for either free or for rent. Renting a car outside of the U.S. can be expensive insurance wise and may not be your best option. Riding the local bus transportation is something our family has done and depending on how touristy your destination is, you’ll see a lot of other people doing that as well. If you do choose to travel by Taxi, PLEASE make sure that you are getting in a REAL Taxi Cab! There are a lot of fakes and look-a-likes.

Tip #9: Make sure your bank knows you will be traveling out of the country so they don’t put a block on your cards.

Tip #10: If you need access to emails, texts or phone calls on your cell phone, call up your provider and see what sort of short-term out of the country type of plan they have. For us, it only cost us $2 a day to have those services while we were in Mexico!

Tip #11: Bring any of the sweets or chocolates you love with you in your suitcase! Mexico’s chocolate is pretty bitter and they don’t use a lot of sugar in their food. You can head to one of their OXXO Gas Stations (similar to a 7-11) to buy American Snacks.. but they are expensive.

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Linda Barnes says:

It seems worth mentioning that Mexico is on the military do not travel list right now. Just FYI. If you’re in the military you can’t travel their for leisure at all and they advise that Americans stay out of many areas. Probably not really a good idea for you to promote giving your travel money to a foreign country that the military won’t let their service members travel to, when there are so many places here at home, or countries abroad that are safe to travel to and just as beautiful with communities that would appreciate the support.

Courtney Stout says:

Great tips Melea! This would have saved me a decent chunk of change had I been aware of some of these tips before our last trip to Mexico. Haha! Now I know!

Alexa 5sos says:

If anyone is going to Mexico and they are going somewhere where tourists don’t go, don’t bring expensive things. People will literally snatch your bags and your earings from your ears. My aunt knew all of this, and stuffed money in her bra. Someone saw her and cornered her and made her take it out. And if you have kids, they will snatch them from you. You need to be careful when going to certain places especially if your going to Veracruz. They will literally shoot you in a public place in daylight. Mexico is beautiful, parents were born there, but there’s a lot of violence there

Linda Lou says:

Fantastic tips, I’m about to travel to Mexico for the very first time. Can you make a video with tips on what to expect and what fees I will expect to pay once I fly into Mexico City airport. I heard that I need to apply for a visitors visa, is that true?

Elizabeth Gonzalez says:

stealing is not related with wage but with your morals. thats a fact in ANY country

Keeping up with Mrs. Elektra says:

Omg so beautiful I need a vacation, thanks for the tips Hun!

Reina Cedeno says:

love your contour

Medusa gorgon anime says:

I have a house in Mexico Oaxaca it’s rare to see a $1,000 Mexican banknote mainly they use $500 peso bills and not $1,000 bills

Valery Lopez says:

Hahahha I can’t even believe you said Mexico doesn’t use sugar , because they use sooo much!

Ada Ortiz says:

you dont save money taking trips………………………………………………………………………….

Pennies into Pearls says:

These are fantastic tips! My hubby and I want to travel to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary within the next year. Is there a time of year hat you recommend going or not going?

Amber Luce says:

Where did you stay? It looks beautiful!

Darlene Hendertilo says:

I have some other tips. Negotiate the taxi before you get in the taxi. Try Uber, they are more honest. Renting a condo or home can be inexpensive, especially if you have a group of people. There is almost more room for the people plus the ability to cook and or eat.

VIRUS TECH -47 says:

Tip #6 Really? ???? If I leave valuables in any state in the U.S it will get stolen. You sound races.

Brayan Ranjel says:

Quick question not sure if you can answer but can anyone answer me:

Can you pay cash in motels in Mexico or do you have to book it before hand cause me and my gf want to go to Puerto Vallarta in August and I just want to show up and pay cash. Any chance I can just show up and pay cash. If not is booking ahead of time better?

Lastly does Puerto Vallarta have Uber or Lyft? Thank you!

SunsetSideVet says:

also learn spanish you can haggle better and get more respect and you dont look like the dumb gringa lol

Upesh De silva says:

Do I always need to find a hotel inside hotel zone?

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