CANCUN VLOG // Day 1 & 2

Day 3, 4, and 5 will go up tomorrow!
Hope you guys enjoyed my first days in Cancún.

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SNAPCHAT: @nilsani




Dafne Ale says:

This was published on my bday and im Mexican so this is so freaking cool I hope you enjoyed the place and you come back someday, I can also give you tips and suggestions for Cancun trips so you have a better experience, spend less and enjoy more 🙂

Giovanna Koloffon says:

“excuse the way I look” what like damn gorgeous, excuse me

Anny Ortiz says:

Which hotel did you guys stay in ?

Char says:

4:23 is that your mom?!

Celine Gauclain says:

I’m going to cancun 12-20-18 and I’m so excited

Цэнд-Аюуш Энхбат says:


Jeff Jaff says:

Ok so I need help bro I’ve never been to Mexico but my parents wanna move there to Mexico Cancun but I don’t know if it’s a good place to live in can anyone tell me what it’s like????

bryan douglas says:

i want to travel like that, just pack bags and travel to some random city in a country you have never visited, so amazing !

Sincerely Shanique says:

What hotel is thi?

bb77077 says:

White girls and their privileges.

Nawal says:

Almond shaped eyes are so pretty

Days w/ Geo says:

how much money did you spend? i wanna go but just for 2 days? around how much money should i take?

aylyyy says:

dünki çorbam böyle kokuyoduu ahsbjsaha

TesTosteron Ba says:

Turk oldugunuzi anladim lol

Zeynep Orman says:

Nil are you a Muslim ?

Valeza Rexhepi says:

You also went to Paris this year☺☺♥!

Tyraeswain says:

Was it hot even tho it was windy?

rosaelena perez says:

What hotel did u stay at?

Mil vp says:

What is the song called in the beginning ? Love u X

Aysh says:

Asssssktr türk çıktılar.

boyeon rhee says:

You could be a
Model you’re
Sooo tall and thin

steph hannah says:

I can’t get over this video!! Also anyone know the name of the intro song?!!

Александра Иванова says:

I always knew you were Turkish!

K S says:

What hotel did you stay in?

Miguel Ramirez says:

Cancún doesnt even cost alot lol

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