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Louis and I had so much fun experiencing Xoximilco – a boat ride that provides a fun way to take part in Mexican traditions, eat delicious food, listen to great live music and dance all night 🙂

Thank You:
For the beautiful hotel – http://www.coralbeachcancunhotel.com/
For the amazing experience – http://www.xoximilco.com/

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HosTer Films says:

Damn, i love you even more Raya, thank you for showing something beautiful about my country & get fun. You make me proud about my México & welcome everybody to party. 
 GRACIAS Te quiero mucho Raya. 

Craig says:

That party looked like so much fun!

Kate Villejo says:

You guys should date (or are they already dating)

BeEazyFam says:

I love your progression raya, your editing is getting better and cleaner. You look more natural and confortable on camera then your first video! Awesome! Keep at it I’m looking forward to watching your adventures. I can’t wait until summer when I start travel around the world so I can put amazing content on my channel like this. For now I just have to make blogs of the USA. 

Edwins Generation says:

awww! I love a good fiesta!!! looks like so much fun

David Schueller says:

I need to visit Mexico! I love travelling it and documenting it all!

Conor Jackson says:

Louis definitely went in that night…..

Charlie Flowers says:

You and Louis are adorable 🙂 

Philip Konstantinou says:

Once again an amazing vlog, I am looking forward for day two!

Yagmur Es says:

What do you use to film

RebecaBeckholtTV says:

It’s very inspiring to see fresh YouTubers. I like your style of vlogging so much! I can tell you’ve learned a lot from the people around you! You give us smaller channel YouTubers hope for our future!

Joost Visser says:

You are awesome

Philip Konstantinou says:

Cancun looks so beautiful!

Kenzie-Anne Grant says:

That was incredible! And because you and Louis took lessons, you guys looked awesome on the dance floor!!

Jolie Martin says:

Raya, you did a great job with this vlog 😉 xoxo

Teu.TV says:

I feel like i know you guys so well! What an awesome time you had Raya! I need to go to Cuba and Mexico now! ASAP

dancingredstone says:


Marite Melendez says:

So glad you like my country! Viva México!!

Dktz Kz says:

Lol “we have a weaner!!!!”

TheDejoLife says:

#0:40 Cancun I’m coming for you!! this definitely is bucket list material!! 
#2:05 ….that moment you find it…  #TheGoodOne  lmao
#5:03 Louis is smooth with it!! i saw this in his vlog and was dying
#6:45 #ItsElectric
#7:35 Look @ y’all, a few lessons now killing it on the dance floor, both of you were gettin it!!

Carrie-Anne Sellers says:

So much fun! Looking forward to your next blog. 🙂


Your so pretty

medalla light says:

Sexy and beautiful Raya

gameing nole says:

are you and lui a item

Paulina Q says:

I went to the actual Xoximilco! That boat ride you took was waaay more fun!

MinayEntertainment says:

Raya it looks amazing!!!! Wish I was there

Spazamazz says:

Might want to invest in a better camera, this one is decent but definately some lighting issues

TheHornyEnglishMan says:

Raya do you and Louis have a thing because i am detecting 100% Chemistry

ReirBaws says:

maybe after this amasing adventure you and louis should settle down together :> Just joking but glad you had an awesome time, looks like alot of fun  😀

JadoreDina says:

“It’s very spicy…like gasoline” “Is gasoline spicy?” “I don’t know, I’ve never” LOL that was the best

Edmundo Bolaños says:


Viva Vivy says:

Louis and Raya dancing is great to watch. 🙂

Emily Walls says:

lil crush on louis there

Kat says:

mexico looks awesome. those boats look awesome. i wish were there too

Chris Ayala says:

I’m happy you got a taste of the great Mexican culture.

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