US bars employee travel to Mexican town after explosion on ferry boat

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico issued a security alert closing the consulate in Playa del Carmen and forbidding employees to visit after information about bombs found on two separate ferries.


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HappyCarlsons TV says:

We took a private boat last time we went.

Rata 4U says:

DYNACEM will crumble any concrete wall. Billions will be lost for nothing. Drones will be flying note than ever. Tunneling will be everywhere.

Go waste your money.

Focus RSN says:

Who’s actually stupid enough to go vacation in Mexico ? You legit have to be retarded to go to the worlds most dangerous country to vacation with your loved ones. Come on gringos don’t be retarded we’ll come so we can take you hostage I guess.

TrueSonofGondor ThegreatlineofkingsofGondor says:


bryce uli says:

Wall please…

Yammel Heylel says:

If you stay home the terrorist win, get packing millennials.

MJC919 says:

Build the wall. No more spring break in Cancun for Americans. Mexico is the land of the criminal rapist’s no reason to go there ever again.

mantra live love laugh says:

I love Mexico.. terrorism is everywhere no matter what country.

Funny Lithuania Fails says:

haha, its funny! Check out my videos 😀

Alan MacFarlane says:

No it is not Terrorism .. it is False Flag made up by the Rogue CIA agents paid by Blackwater. The real terrorists would put rat poison (warfarin) in with much more shrapnel (nuts, bolts, nails) so that they victims would bleed out and die. This was just for show .. hence the very few injury. Just like multimillionairs 40 % tax cut Maddow and OReilly BOTH using mouthwash .. grabbing pussy and insisting that Ben Laudin Airlines pulled down Building 7 …

Oh .. the dumbfuckery is everywhere.

Animated Tigress says:

Why do people still go to Mexico for spring break? Plenty of places in America to go.

Bin Ho says:

They Greg crazy play

Clint Catano says:

Lol we Americans are safe .. these ppl are idiots Americans don’t get targeted… and wtf is that wall gong to do… really dumb ass maybe you should see who’s gonna work on agriculture with out we die some Americans are fucken idiots look at what dumb bird brain trump is doing that guy is a completely retard

TJs Gaming says:

Sucks that I go there every spring break

paradox 7 says:

I have said it many times these freaking Mexicans can just walk over here and demand rights but if Americans just go for a visit to Mexico you are subject to get kidnapped and killed , where the hell is that wall ? And are they deporting these DACA bastards yet ? ☠️

Bhamski Bam says:

The wall keeps looking better and better

zigyzigy13 says:

I guess Mexico is finally ready to “build the wall” keeping WHITE Americans out from their territory, Mexico, sexually “touching” little children in the locals as one of the reasons.
Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!

Alan MacFarlane says:

Also.. the Cartels have fast boats … submarines .. airplanes … machine guns … rocket propelled gernades … much much more then ISIS. They can easily get explosives enough to take down Building 7 and here are homemade plastic pipe thngy out of the hardware store. Screams Blackwater all over it.

Æ N I E M A says:

Of all the places to go on spring break…anywhere in Mexico would be my last choice. Screw that dirty ass country and screw all illegal immigrants!

Adam100m says:

The Cartels are not allowed to kill Jews or Americans.

Adam100m says:

Where is the proof that the smoke bombs on the ferries were linked to the drug cartels in Florida? The chemical drug FLAKKA is destroying Florida faster then the Cartels.

StINK Productions says:

Why did it take so long to report on this. THIS HAPPENED WEEKS AGO

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ĶĚvìn Ş]PĂĆĘY says:

Mexico go home your drunk

NawbzOfficial says:

I work with Mexican dudes and THEY don’t even go to Mexico.

William Holden says:

Homegirl extra thick in commercial

Dr Evil says:

security alert…
mexico is officially a shithole

dj coner says:

Im sure a tourist is nervous.! And at fault

Eric Nelson says:

What if it wasn’t mexicans …

Alonzo Castoire says:

White people think they’re gonna talk shit about Mexico and nothing is going to happen? I swear you Trump supporters are so fucking stupid.

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