Travel Warning Issued for Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen Ahead of Spring Break

The American government is issuing a travel warning for Playa del Carmen after an explosion rocked the area. The security alert bans all U.S. government employees from visiting the town, while tourists are told to use “increased caution.” The city, about an hour from Cancun, was rattled after a bomb went off last month on a passenger ferry, leaving two dozen injured, including five Americans. Less than two weeks later, undetonated bombs were found on another ferry owned by the same company.


Oscar Salgado Rivera says:

a bomb planted under the boat wtf!

Biff Danielson says:

Cancun is safe, quit being a bunch of sissies.

Eve Valentine213 says:

Yeah I agree about being careful going touring anywhere and I know that applies to everywhere but…why do they gotta merge it with the video of “contaminated alcohol”? 90% of comments from that video were like they were just drunk and didn’t want to admit it and so blamed it on the tour sites Lol.

Xrey 0321 says:

Man at the end saying Americans have never been targeted Wow lol that’s gotta be the biggest lie I’ve heard in 2018 lol whoever watches this please don’t take his word

ben ivakhov says:

This is exactly why I don’t go to Mexico.

PATRICK McShane says:

don’t drink while swimming.

Ivan Olvera says:

We went to Cancun in 2015 and Playa del Carmen in 2016 and it was the best time of our lives. It really sounds like propaganda to hurt Mexico’s economy

Love Wins says:

Bad apple beans

Anything is Everything Not really says:

I go to Baja when the prerunning for the Baja 1000 starts even though I don’t race it is super fun to ride 400 miles in two days, I honestly wouldn’t visit the rest of Mexico I come in from Nogales and its pretty rough…mostly nice people but you got to watch your stuff really well.

plantec smiths says:

2:30 sealed. But poison can be added after it’s open

Nicolas Roman says:

Never drink open tops in mexico!!!!!

john terry says:

Great just means cheaper resorts for me

Nun Ya says:

Oh, well since Mexican authorities gave the all clear then it must be ok. Give me a break.

Cheryl Smith says:

Anyone going to Mexico is nutso. I don’t care where in Mexico either.

Jiraiya Sama says:

Looks like the Texas bomber got there too. Haha.

dscuff man says:

The whole country of mexico should be on travel alert

brooklyn4530 says:

never give them money then

Josh Bernal says:


NoTeDire MiNomBre says:

This is just propaganda

starchy abyss says:

Pretty sure if ur an America u shouldn’t go south anyway.

Dirty Burger says:

Mexico is a risky spot. That old man will change his tune when something bad happens and he will want America to help him.

jose Tavares says:

You think Mexico is bad you should try South Beach

JJ johnson says:

This is a sign telling everyone not to go there. It’s bad that you can’t go anywhere to just relax and enjoy yourself when someone wants to do harm to you.

the gansito says:

They most likely got too drunk

Patrick Muyima says:

I love the way Alice Guerello is walking while reporting haha, its sexy

Blah blah Baby says:

Cancun SUCKS.

Sour Fish says:

Perhaps retaliation towards whites? Cause of trumps mouth

Nick Rodriguez says:

Rich nigga probz

Omq Frisky says:

I’m going to Riviera Maya this summer which is in Playa Del Carmen, I don’t think I’m ready

NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

Thank you DOTARD, keep segregating Mexicans with the wall and painting Mexicans as BAD people as your scapegoats

Y M says:

Thanks to Donald Trump make America great again right?

frisco kid says:

The only safe place in mexico is mazatlan, Sinaloa because they have the army and navy there in cause anything happens plus the gulf beaches suck and its to isolated and a complete rip off cancun over rated so if any one wants to chill at the beach go to mazatlan okay trust me you will have a great time i do recommend you bring a friend who can speak spanish but look like an American for your back up

lillian catherine says:

Never been targeted hmm? My Spanish teacher went to Mexico once (shocker I know) and he actually was put at gun point by a gang and forced to give them his wallet.

A O. says:

These were probably orders from Trump to make Mexico look bad and ppl won’t spend money and tour Mexico anymore.

Henry Lopez says:

I could day any day anywhere , if it’s my time to go then so be it. Till then ima go see the world!!

phone refill center says:

We will work Because unless the Mexican Government realizes that this is going to make them lose gazillions of Papillion of gazillions of gazillion of dollars they’re not going to do anything about it make sure that it is that you hit them where it really really hurts and their pocketbook and in their pockets Where They Carried their money and in their Banks where where where 99% of their money is kept make sure that a tourist industry suffers Big League boycott boycott boycott Mexico

The Jokester says:

How is this a surprise to her she’s not in the United States she’s in a foreign country not everything is a fairytale

Ramon Ayala says:

I live in California and I feel unsafe and also I been roofied at a downtown American Club lol

fana406 says:

My MX trip is now cancelled!!!

DJ Jordan says:

I live in Mexico and it’s pretty safe compared to say a country music concert in Las Vegas or being in any school where crazy young men go in and shoot children. Better than on the streets of Edmonton, Toronto and New York where crazy religious fantatics run over people with vans. Ye p definitely safer for me in Mexico that on the streets of most big cities up north.

IGalaxy X says:

anybody else think the news lady is annoying sometimes

Mr. Human says:

0:47 why is she smiling like its funny?

Rick Reed says:

Cancelled family trip to this area because of these issues. Probably would have been safe, but spending a week paranoid watching my wife and 2 daughters is not relaxing. I’ll go someplace else.

Fireguy97 says:

Just because the alcohol was purchased in sealed containers and the Mexican Police didn’t find any tainted alcohol in the bar, doesn’t mean that a barkeep didn’t add something to the drinks themselves.

phone refill center says:

Rule number one after this boycott Mexico boycott boycott boycott Mexico boycott Mexico that’s my message

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