The Forbidden Pink Lakes of YUCATAN, MEXICO

We drove from Merida, Yucatan to take a wildlife tour and get up close to Las Coloradas at Rio Lagartos.
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We joined our friends on an all-inclusive trip from Mérida, Yucatán to the strange pink lakes of Las Coloradas on the Yucatan Peninsula, a few hours away from Cancun.

One of the things many people love about Mérida is its close proximity to so many attractions and vacation destinations. You have the beach of Progreso 30 minutes away to the North. You’re an hour away from the gorgeous beaches and flamingos in Celestún, and just a few hour’s drive away from popular destinations like: Holbox, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, and Isla Mujeres. Additionally, you’re near many cenotes, Mayan ruins, and attractions like these pink lakes.

As expats in this beautiful country, we’ve been fortunate to be able to travel Mexico, and make videos about many things in our travel vlog.

If you’re looking for something to do while traveling in the Mayan Riviera or near Mérida, you may want to look into this jungle boat ride of Las Coloradas. You’ll see crocodiles, pink flamingos, and an array of wildlife, in addition to the pink lakes.

Disclaimer: In exchange for making this video, we got a discounted rate on the tour from Yucatan Tours and Travels. If you’d like to book this trip, here’s their contact information:
Phone:  999.266.7842

We started posting our Mexico travel videos in February 2018. We’d love for you to check out our travel story from the beginning with this playlist:

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Patricia Thomsen says:

wow so Marida is nice? I have never been… Is it ok if we dont speak spanish??

Paul Garcia says:

Looking forward in seeing videos of Puerto Morelos, looking for a place to retire in 11 yrs.

Caban Condos Mexico says:

Check out the Flamingos in our village San Crisanto

José juan Vite says:

Estimados güeros hay algo que nadie les ha dicho y que tienen que compartir con todos los que quieran venir a vivir en México: respeten a los pobladores y vecinos, saluden, identifiquen los símbolos, celebraciones y actividades de respeto de cada localidad busquen conocer y entenderlos porque tienen un origen muy profundo y participen de ellos con respeto, con esta actitud en todos los lugares los recibirán con los brazos abiertos. Un ejemplo extremo es lo que le pasó a un Ruso en Cancún.

Don Juan says:

Great video guys!! Jordan, im sending you a comb for your birthday!! Maddie, dont worry about swimming in that clear water, your’e able to see whats coming at you while swimming. lol

49ersfan831 says:

Nice tits

jms3533 says:

Wonderful editing!

Liam Watkins says:

Ha! Everyone falls in love with Puerto Morelos! I am going back again next month. Would love to live there some day.

isabela xoxo says:

I love this channel because i love hearing u guys try to pronounce Spanish and miserably fail at it❤️no pun intended

Mark Boutelle says:

Thats not mud but fecal matter.

Arturo Wagner says:

You sound more like Shrek than Steve Irwin… LOL!!!

Thomas Smith says:

What is one thing about Puerto Morelos that has you considering a long stay versus most other areas of Mexico you’ve been?

H Jenkins says:

Thank you for always making me smile you three!! So much love to you and happy new year !!

Richard Brooks says:

While you look very lovely right now, I can tell you from experience that you will regret the sun damage to your skin in your later life.

jay hancock says:

Hi! I know you two travel around in the tangerine mobile, but have you considered making a video about taking buses like ADO? I believe it would be a useful video for those of us who do not have a car here. Plus I like the way you present information about things and places. The ins and outs; good, bad, and ugly; etc. Just asking.

Anon pbob says:

You guys are so much fun!

If you stay there, it will be a good area to research.

Wonder what you will find!

Love y’all!

Timebandit RvTravels says:

Good video

Max Harddrive says:

If you’re going to Puerto Morelos, you need to stop at the shipping container restaurant for some food. It’s pretty good! Ask anyone where it is. Also, I will be vacationing in Cozumel Jan 14-18. I’ll wave to you guys!

Uriel Arias says:

Loved your video! What kind of camera are you using? Any good suggestion about the outside microphone situation so far?

mari margie says:


Elvia Abbod says:

Is Merida humid?

Al Mol says:

For a moment i thought u were naked… my apologies but i never clicked so fast…

Tangerine Travels says:

Happy New Year, amigos!

Olawale Oladoja says:

Settling down! Yaaaay! This is good. Can’t wait to explore through your eyes. Where is Jordan?

slippyg says:

I came for 7:20

Silvia Monjaras says:

It’s one of the babies, which means, mama may have been close by hiding….

Olawale Oladoja says:

I’ve not seen tangerine in a long while. Where is it?

Mot Egdilra says:

That is definitely the worst Ozzie accent I’ve ever heard (and I do a famously bad one myself 🙂

Paola Muciño says:

I think if you decide to stay in Puerto Morelos longer it would be such a good thing. Merida and Quintana Roo have soooo much to offer, way more than the regular touristic areas. Is so full of cenotes, jungle, ruins. My father, stepmom and siblings live in Merida, I’ve been there twice and I just can’t get enough of it. Feliz a,o 2019, les deseo lo mejor.

Can you hear me Major Tom? says:

3:39 omg, this has to go viral lmao

Eric Muniz says:

And Laska making a cameo appearance at 3:15

Fremen Warrior says:

Feeding crocs is a bad idea. They learn to associate humans with food.

Frank Pichardo says:

I can picture you guys living in a tiny house or a bus converted into a tiny home. Like the ones they show on here:

Can you hear me Major Tom? says:

3:13 Laska lol

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