The DISNEY CRUISE ADVENTURE Begins!!! PART 1 – Heading to Florida! In 4K

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We’re heading out to sea on a Disney Cruise! We’ll be living on the Disney Fantasy for a week in the Carribean! We’ll be going to Cancun, Grand Cayman, and Castaway Cay. Another cool thing about this cruise is that there is going to be a Star Wars Day at Sea! So tune in every day this week for a new video from our adventure!

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Inigo Ethan says:

i love ur vacation i wish i can go there 😀

A Garcia says:


Colleen Wilson says:

Wreak it Ralph 2: Ralph break it instead : the movie.

Bryan Rabon says:

Watched this million times still good still want to go on one again every time I watch this

dawntastic says:

i watch this series like 20 times per day its so satisfying

Melissa fashion and blogs And trips and cruises says:

I live in Florida

Francisco Lumogdang says:

Even I love you

Famer Gamer says:

2:09 GASP Evan i dident know you had a PSVITA

Zoey Ahmadi says:

i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove trips soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Adam Ford says:

There so lucky

Brian Henn says:

Under tale

masfeld1 says:

Cool I haven’t been in a time mushing

Coromoto J says:

Evan play sonic&all star racing transformed please

Freddie Kyle says:

Your welcome Evan

Ken william says:

go on a new fast and furious with 99th in the morning

Shadow lord Dragon says:


Seabhac100 says:

Play play play play undertale

TheEpicWolf 9876 says:

Watch these videos in vr

fors crawford says:

I like the place

SpongeBob SquarePants says:

That’s a cool PlayStation game

Geng Chen says:

Undertale freaks me out!

Charlotte, DIYS, Life Hacks, Routines says:

I went on the Disney Cruise and it’s awesome but we got stuck in a hurricane

audi hewlett packard says:

Breakfast for champions League

Elaine Bartscher says:

2:08 seriously a psp

Megan Joy says:

Omg I love theses videos I watch the series over and over again I’ve been on Disney cruises and they are awsome it’s so cool watching them travel mostly with Disney

sbudhava says:

Did you play undertake

Brenda Cornejo says:


FireGamerGT says:

Eheheh.. Im Late…

Nadine Kadirgamar says:

you guys had a good time

Jorja Griffen says:

Thx for whatching my video on Evan tube raw

Riona Watanabe says:

sheeeeeeeeeet fuuuuuuuuch jesus

Omar Nasir says:

2018 anyone

cruzmaribel85 says:


baoan lam says:

Who’s watching in 2018 like if you are

Wikum Abeygunasekara says:
ade octavia says:


Ulrick Daniels says:

A billion likes do it now

carlo ray valdez says:

I really love you so much guys i am always happy when i watch this

Jonathan butler says:

The opening’s like Little Einsteins
FRENCH NARRATOR: Several Hours Later…

ROCKin Rollers says:


Spidy Plush says:


Renji Mcconnell says:


Chris Messina says:

play undertale

Breona Mcnary says:

Swim with whales

Devin Camel says:

You’re my favorite you tube channel

Mohammad Abdul-Basit Khan says:

I read that part

Kelly Frame says:


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