The Crew 2 – Mississippi River Trip – Great Lakes to Gulf of Mexico / Chicago to New Orleans

In previous videos I showed you coast to coast runs with both car and airplane in The Crew 2. And I did attempt a coast to coast by boat as well. It turned out to be very challenging though, so I will leave that for the full version of the game when I have more time. For now I will instead show you a trip along the Mississippi river from North to South, starting at the Great Lakes, then taking a detour through Chicago because of the big dam, passing by St. Louis and finally entering the Gulf of Mexico in New Orleans.

Unfortunately the river GPS still needs some work (even more than the road one), so it suggested a completely wrong route at the start and showed the wrong way warning for a while. Sorry about that. Maybe in the future I will just do it without GPS in such a case.


Abi Nubli says:

no wave? this pretty much feels like driving on road


they even St Louis modelled!


They need to sort out the GPS issue based on the type of vehicle your are using. Land vehicles should show roadways and water vehicles should highlight waterways to get to your waypoint.

Christopher Matarazzo says:

i hope they fix the gps to make it fit the vehicle you are playing as

Pierre Labrecque says:

Boat don’t produce Wave ??? What ?

SteakPie Gaming says:

Boats don’t really interest me at all but it’s nice to have options.

Kamryn C. says:

Best thing about this video is that I live in Mississippi

A Moose says:

Is the game good?

steve says:

I almost fell asleep

Christopher Matarazzo says:

I love the different styles of travel!!!! cant wait to play, got the gold edition as well

ItsFabioGames says:

Cool video!!!

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