SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS in MEXICO!!! 4K Disney Cruise Adventure PART 4

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Click here to see all the videos from our Disney Cruise Adventure!

We made it to Cozumel, Mexico! We’re heading off the ship to go swim with the dolphins at the Dolphin Encounter at Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park!

Then we make it back on the ship in time to grab some dinner at the Animator Palate. This was Pirate night and a lot of people were dressed in cool pirate attire. If you didn’t bring any, Disney Cruise Line gives every passenger a cool Pirates of the Caribbean doo rag!

We finish off the evening with a trip to the Walt Disney Theater to see hilarious and high-energy Buckets N Boards! The kids got to meet Matt & Gareth after the show and couldn’t put down the drumsticks for the rest of the evening.

Stay tuned for tomorrow video. We’ll be in Grand Cayman!

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Nikkezz Play says:

Channel is Nikkezz Play

Ian Jorden says:

What was the music used in 3:38?

zona xcvii says:

i live in mexico

Ella Studios says:

Dudes I need major help! What is the song called when they are doing the dolphin pictures from: 3:25 to 5:30?!

Daena T says:

12:51 one of my favorites youtubers theme the pals check there channel

Vanessa Ria Balagtas says:

The dolphin activitie is the best it is so fun

christopher gonzalez says:

I’ve swam in causemel

Stephanie Townsend says:

i love survivior

andrei billedo says:


zona xcvii says:

dolfins are so cute in super mario world and mexico

LPS Flower Productions says:

Enakkkkkkkkkk banget saya mau ke situ

Bella Cesario says:

Happy new day for you and your beautiful family

jessica __life says:

you guess rock

Nikkezz Play says:

Nice video.I make videos for youtube.

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Gonzala Hernandez says:

Whats better vanoos or evantubeHD last one

Jaqueline Lopez says:

where is this and i hope you answer me back because i love this channel

Vlogs with Bryan says:


Gonzala Hernandez says:

Hey I’ve gone there

Angel Prai says:

i like this this cute and i like this family

Robert Ciotti says:

If your ever in trouble on the sea find a dolfin befriend it and hold on to it it will bring you to land

Mae Cristobal says:

I love sea lion

Jackson Combs says:

near the end the music is the team edge music

Gaming Flareon says:

That music is from Team Edge

Egghead_gaming says:

I love u guys and in not trying to be mean but drumming is much more than that


do you know sans from undertail? please reply

Star Cream617 says:

I’m think the kids are met Evan and Jillian in Disney cruise

Angie Unicorn says:

can you guys go to the Philippines on your vacation? please!

Alton Jackson says:

Me to

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