This is the last vlog from our Royal Caribbean “World’s Most Adventurous Squad” cruise. We had the time of our lives for the past week and made memories and friendships we will never forget! Thank you so much to Royal Caribbean for the incredible opportunity, we can’t wait to be back on board. — P.S. The Australia footage was saved, those videos are coming next 😀

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Thanks for watching guys!


sadhya sri says:

i love like these vid and i love trev and chels they are the best love you guys feeling like to meet you love you guys 🙂

Manuel Medina - Collazo says:

you want on b day

LPS A R fun says:

My name is Abby

Linda Buchs says:

Who is watching this on Sunday morning

Adventures with Abbie says:

Watching this and sitting through a blizzard and there’s a snow day yay!!❄️

Royal Caribbean International says:

Love this, guys! See you again soon 🙂

Gustas Zablockas says:

5:38 lol that guy with red shirt hahahaah

Mercedes Camry Ferguson says:

I been there when I went on a cruise

ى الشهري says:


Nataly Jimenez says:

Why I every one giveing you thums down but me

PJ_ FAN4LIFE says:

There was a man posing for the camera with a red t-shirt XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Apolo the K9 Dab says:

I had fun I saw you guys I didn’t know you then tho

mrbunchtb says:

What kind of camera do you have trev??

Laurelei Garcia says:

Did yall see the bra in the video?

Magdalen Beaudry says:

at 3:30 to 3:40 people were doing stuff in the background! Did anyone else see it?

Ysha Gaming says:

Did u just said banyo??!? In the philippines its a restroom or a bathroom

Michael Kindhart says:

Guy with red shirt photo bond

Meena Rashedy says:

Look at that car 5:11

Mariana Nolasco says:

I’m from Cancun México and it’s so weird seeing you guys in places I go to all the time lol

Stoked Gaming says:

I just realised how tan Chelsea is omg

Mary Wright says:

Y sister went to Cuba It was so hot and she was thirsty because she forgot to bring water and then she passed out

gavin meese says:

I was on the Carnival Fantasy this year for SB and I went to Cozumel, and there was 5 ships at port and this ship made out boat look really small, I really want to go on another cruise your vlogs made me really miss it

Samnatha Teran says:

The best couple keeps getting better and better

Olena Katrich says:

The difference between the boats is like the difference between Cooper and Koda

ladybug's world says:

No offense but I don’t hate Turtles but I love your videos

Gmer&Scinerd says:

Look at 5:38

Gabriel Bautista says:

I just hear trevor said banyo it is a filipino word of bathroom

charisse murray says:

I am going there next year and on the same boat

Brennan Corbett says:

5:37 when you use other people to try and get popular

Makayla Ellis says:

Did you guys see the black guy when they walked past them he went all crazy

Mandee Francom says:

i’m so jealous!!!!!!!!

Richard Green says:

You need to go on a Disney cruise

Gaming with will Smith says:

Texts are the best

Andrew Paterek says:

I wish coop and Koda could go

Gobinda Pujari says:

Were is your dogs

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