OCEAN WAVES of MUD! Eating Sand, Surfing Fails & Hotel Room Tour Cancun Mexico FUNnel Vision Vlog #1

We went to the Moon Palace Grand Resort in Cancun Mexico to see what this new hotel was all about! Here is part 1 of our stay there, we didn’t do much in this video except have lots of fun but in terms of activities, like all of our trips, the intensity intensifies as our trip progresses! Hope you check out all of our future Mexico vids like Part 2 where we have a Coca Cola Jacuzzi Bubble Bath Messy Fun Time! 🙂 Thumbs up for family vlogs!

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DrawingWith Extreme says:

Shawn the hero

Kichu Philip says:


Nadin Zargarian says:

Shawn loves to help people up

Ma Poe says:

I wish that I can go there too

Robert Ruiz says:

Lol i went to Cancun

Kichu Philip says:

this is best trip

Redzep Heto says:


Metriggerhappy Butty says:

Shawn is such a nice boy

Charlotte Willey says:

spot difference 11111111111111111I1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

Adam Velazquez says:

i wish i lived with you guys

Titan fal raid I says:

Savn Loke like mike When he was litle

Julie Le says:

On fgteev, try to make your house in real life in minecraft!
Like if you agree

Kylie B says:


Danna Gomez says:

i live at México

Alexander Ramirez says:


EaZe Lemur says:

charlie bit my finger
12:23 shawn bit my finger

Hector Torres says:

I don’t like sushi like if you agree

Kim Soto says:

the girl with the blue bathing suit is not cool

the one and only chelsea says:

why not central America

Jona Belle Basco says:

Hi FTT verse my favorite is and shine and said to please Duchenne circle again because and I love chancellor, can you do more videos and chance are called

ConnorHD says:

If Shawn picks u up when u fall who picks him

Devin Roblox Games Seay says:


Nicholas Ledger says:

it’s the bite of 2017

Harrison vlogs says:

I went there too

DrawingWith Extreme says:

Cry baby chase shawn won’t cry

Mikin Modi says:


Nur Azzam Zakaria says:

Poor chese

mark oh says:

Lex hurted chase

Gabriel Sean Omrelliug says:

you guys are good

epicness .-. says:

Shawn is funny “my man”

alexjackskellington says:

It’s called the dark forest

DeuMjDo says:

Chase plz don’t eat sand it’s unhealthy so plz don’t

If u want to see that, it’s at 10:29

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