MEXICO DAY 2 – Snorkeling, Holding a Shark, & Boat Rides!

WOOT WOOT! Back in TX but have so many fun Mexico vlogs coming 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy this super fun vlog!! See ya soon!!
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Isabella Morales says:

I’m from colombia too!!

Ashlee Dalton says:

my favorite part was when you guys were dancing in the water but the camera was under the water then above, that part made me smile because y’all were so happy. 🙂

Angelo Ayala says:

yo I realized that I have not been watching you idk why but this is the first vid I watched from you in months

Caesarillion Aurelius says:

Rocking Hot Bodies, just what man wanna see at artistic natural tropical love land. Tnks from Thailand

Krystal Goethe says:

This makes me want to go to Mexico for the second time! Love you Jeanine!

hellob.l96 says:

Where did Adam and Sarah meet? So cute!

blogistuff says:

Lol I just made coffee before Jeanine made her’s

kwincy smith says:

If the vlog cam didn’t see the dolphins did you really see the dolphins lol but I got to say I love the facts that you don’t care about being the third wheel at all and are just having a blast!

Denise Miranda says:

yes don’t drink the local water it gives you bad stomach aches and even more symptom that’s why I don’t drink that water only water From the big jugs or bottles whenever I go and visit

Jessica Blanca says:

I LOVE your cover up! any chance you could put up a link?i can’t seem to find that brand :C

Megan Danielle says:

You could use normal water if you are heating it up to coffee temps. 🙂

Raquel Ruiz says:

What’s the song on your video?

Diana Mtz says:

Huevito con catsun lol

Jocelyn Magnusen says:

Eek I love your vlogs so much!!! Your travel vlogs always make me so happy and make me want to travel!! xoxo

blogistuff says:

can’t believe you held a shark. ..I would be so scared

Laura Tangarife says:

Yessss. Colombian family! 
Hope i can meet you one day. Love you, jeanine!

Faith Bigelow says:

Jeanine, I just had the worst day ever and I decided to watch your vlog and it made me smile. You pick me up all time and your videos make me happy. Thank you for being happy when somedays others can’t. It really makes us feel good.

Mariana Garcia says:

I literally like your videos before I even watch it! They’re the best!

Donnya B says:

I really love Jeanine’s vacation vlogs

Natalia HR says:

Hey Jeanine, I’m from Colombia too!!!!!
your videos are really fun , you should come here :):):):):):)

Leana Bein says:


Rae says:

You’re so blessed to be able to travel all over. Living vicariously through your travel vlogs lol

Astrid Carolina says:

Love love ur vlogs btw girl your bod is looking so good the gym is doing you well have fun in Mexico much love from Arkansas

Dea Amaglobeli says:

Love you and your vlogs 🙂

Kiimberly Moliina says:

Hey jeanine from were is the gopro selfie stick … do you have a link?

Kirsten Levine says:

This vlog is amazing

Courtnee Lane says:

so pretty!!

blogistuff says:

which water was bluer …Greece or Mexico

Malia Lokotui says:

Heyy could you please do a hair routine!! How do u keep it soo nice and straight even when your out travelling?

laura xx says:

Looks like paradise. The world is so Beautiful

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