Magnitude 7.1 earthquake violently rocks tourists on boat in Mexico

Tourists on a boat trip in Xochilimco felt the effects of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that has hit Central Mexico. Waves were described as “appearing from nowhere” causing the boat to rock violently.


Crash Cam says:

0:14 “I just don’t want my phone to get wet. I don’t care about my life”….. Fucking Millennials.

Draven says:

i don’t care about my life only my phone

Vault420 says:

7.1 earthquake and her only worry is her phone? Fucking disgraceful

simon dent says:

May be people think I am jumping the gun . The ring of fire connecting korean and mexico : giving that North Korea detonating nuclear bombs . To my mind both North korea and Mexico or in the the rim of fire . I think there is a direct correlation from north Korea detonating nuclear bombs and the earth quake 7 point magnitude in Mexico . If you go detonating bombs underground there is a cause and effect .Newton’s third law applies . Korea and Mexico share the same line almost equal and opposite to one another in the makeup of the pacific rim the ring of fire .

Harvey Dawson says:

Register all chin viionb yours tell engage survey revolutionary adult.

Bizz493 says:

these guys definitely don’t do geography.. the water is the best place to be in an earthquake

Kieran says:

“Maybe it was a bad idea to be on this boat” yeah no shit honey.

SharpyShark says:

lol this is the world we’re in “ahh i just don’t want my phone to get wet!”

ItsBen says:

Looks like a bootleg disney ride

ToonandBBfan says:

Poseidon farted…..

David Clarke says:

Bbq naturally prefer it heartil| storage

puss in boots says:

Jesus fucking christ

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