Let’s Party on a Xochimilco Boat Ride! | Mexico City

Take a ride with us on Mexico City’s most colorful and festive boat rides in Xochimilco. This is city’s oldest canal system that dates back to ancient Aztec times. It’s a tourist attraction, but you’ll feel like one the locals listening to music, drinking beer and eating local food.

Jose realized he wanted to be a filmmaker when
he parents gifted him a Lego Studio Set. He wrote stories and shot Oscar-worthy movies starring his Legos. It was his first taste at storytelling and filmmaking, and he was immediately hooked. Then he met Thania, and he realized she shared his same passions for storytelling and adventure. She told her parents that she wanted to travel the world instead of having a quinceañera. She convinced them it was way cheaper than a quince party (which is true), and she flew off to Europe. There she realized travel was the only party in her life that she needed. Now together as husband and wife, Jose and Thania married their passions and created a travel YouTube channel called Subculture Recall.

Subculture Recall is a gonzo-journalistic, face-paced, Latino culture YouTube channel that shows you alternative ways to travel, appreciate art and cultivate culture.
Thania and Jose created the channel in 2015, to document travel, art and their adventures to inspire people’s inner explorers. They invite you to join their adventure, and you will learn what the world has in store for you.


SubCulture Recall

Thania B. Alcazar

Jose Alcazar

Business Email: SubCultureRecall@gmail.com


Walking The Imaginary Line says:

very nice!!! this is something I will do for sure in my next trip there! it looks very typical and an unforgettable experience!

Bicultural Familia says:

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the recommendations! We have to go. ♥

The World n Us says:

What a fantastic cultural experience! Definitely good value to. How cool is it that the musicians boarded your boat for your own private show.

OurDestiny ! says:

Hey guys, thanks for sharing this looks so beautiful. ..

SubCulture Recall says:

Every boat in Xochimilco have female names on them. Ladies, can you find your name or a friend’s name in this video?
Thank you for watching!

Mendoza Family says:

The elote looked so good. Man oh man. So much culture out there. Would love to visit some day.

Little Miss Vision says:

Loved this video! I seriously want to go now 🙂 and of course I will never find my name lol

El Gran Viaje says:

How great! Never heard of it! Looking forward to visit Mexico! Nice shots, I can see it’s very well edited

Josh Summers says:

Great video! Nice pacing and music. I agree with you – the experience is fun but the music is what really makes it amazing.

ughPEACE0fmind says:

i like how colorful the boats are & the designs. looks like you all had a blast on the boat—especially when you guys were dancing while the mariachi band played music.

Roamancing Travel says:

Oh, that is a really cool way to be able to order a snack which on the boats. Such fun.

Look Who's Blogging says:

Cool to learn about this festival that i’ve never heard of! the boats are very colorful. i like how they have boats that sell food! i love elotes! the mariachi band was pretty cool too.

Travel in Twos says:

Guitar players and accordions and a FREAKIN MARIACHI BAND! That was amazing 😀 Such a fun day out! 😀

Salomeea Dobre says:

Awesome my mother in law went on those too and she loved them

Perla Farias says:

This is awesome!! Can’t wait to visit here someday.

Genevieve Gil says:

Love it! Flood of memories. The video production is fantastic and you guys are the cutest. So nicely done. <3

Meldrums On The Move says:

The boat looks like so much fun. The music is great too!

Chasing The Odd Shaped Ball says:

The boats are so colourful! This video is so informative and interesting thanks for sharing! A great lesson on Mexican culture!

nightlensblog says:

So pretty!

Gab & Maya Backpacking says:

Xochimilco looks like the ”Venise” of Mexico!! Man!! We are going in Mexico this year!! We will defenetly go to Xochimilco!! Man we just sub!! NIce content!!

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