Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros POV Boat Ride – Epcot (Full Ride) – Mexico pavilion

Take a POV (point of view) ride on the front row of the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros at the Mexico pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.

Watch in HD (1080p) for best quality.

Filmed on February 19th, 2013.

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Busterseyes says:

Oh wait! This actually IS the old “Mexico” ride with some changes in the “small world style” area and the 3 Caballeros added in because I clearly remember those same divers jumping off that cliff more than 20 years ago without Donald. Haha!

Primmaxxie says:

it reminds me of the its the small world ride at magic kingdom

David Tallevast says:

The volcano smoke forms a Hidden Mickey…

2K16 says:

Adding the 3 Caballeros to this ride was just a distraction from the original. Kind of annoying.

palmbeachman22 says:

Do you get wet on this ride ?

Joseph Mora says:

OMG, what a disgrace to the Mexican culture by adding the Three Caballeros!!!

iThemePark says:

Awesome! What will you be doing?

ForeverBlueKnight says:

It reminds me “If You Had Wings”, an old Magic Kingdom atraction in Tomorrowland.

Michael Enloe says:

This ride is missing the Juarez, crime cartels, the drug trafficking + the drinking water giving you diarrhea.

SugarCookie CranberrySauce says:

I love this ride! However, my ears nearly bled listening to Donald’s voice. For some reason the volume on his voice was a lot louder than the other birds.

Michael Warbux says:

This is a great ride, but I’ve never found the hidden Mickey in it.

DatNintendo Playz says:


ToonieMama says:

This was always one of my favorite rides at Epcot. I do kinda miss the old images they used to have; it was more authentic, showcasing the culture of Mexico. Now, they added these silly cartoons.

KittyCATbear says:

My husband and I went here for our honeymoon 4 years ago. When we went to go on this ride the cast member put us on the ride by ourselves as we pulled away I asked him why and he said for romance congratulations! Then everyone waiting in line behind us smiled and waved as we waved back shouting thanks! It was really sweet and this ride will always be special to me because of that.

Busterseyes says:

Oh right…there is where the old “Mexico” ride used to be.

Loretta Corona says:

i will be there working soon

Diego Delavega says:

As much as I like the Three Caballeros, I liked the old Mexico ride!

ram555 says:

such a short small ride but its still very fun and entertaining to be on! I miss working at EPCOT.. great memories

Joshua Orro says:

they should have this at DCA

David Tallevast says:

you changed your name….

moatesoates says:

5:43 bottom right of the Viva Donald shrine looking thing (Hidden Mickey).

Tyler Carta says:

I did prefer the original ride. The original felt more like really being at Mexico and experiencing an encounter with the Aztec Empire.

Labyrinthian95 says:

This is so interesting, it is like it’s a small world meets POTC meets the jungle cruise!

Nikki Nguyen says:


moatesoates says:

Thank you for all of your videos. They help me get my fix in between trips to Disney.

supersuperwendy says:

Riding this always makes me hungry because the restaurant smells soooo good!!

DADI dental says:

see the building in the minute 6:11 (the one that have a yellow thing on the top) i went there, its a restaurant called “belini’s” and its awesome.

Trinh Ha says:

I was at Epcot a few weeks ago. It was FUN!

iThemePark says:

No, but it’s often easily overlooked by many.

Brianna Watson says:

Audio cut out half-way through the video.

Queenofawesome25 L says:

They should honestly just make this into a Coco themed ride. I love the Three Caballeros but this just isn’t the right place for them. Way too distracting.

cybertail says:

I’m not saying the original ride wasn’t due for an update, but having Donald and his friend scream and carry-on throughout the entire ride was just annoying.

Stacy Hirsh says:

0:09 when I was a kid i thought that temple looked a lot like the Zuul building from Ghostbusers. 😀

Dante The Demon Slayer says:

Most of these don’t even feel Mexican.

Sydney Colquitt says:

They just added animatronics to the end of this attraction

Joseph H says:

We just couldn’t stop laughing at Donald Duck on this for some reason. The boat behind us probably thought we were nuts.

kdrast03 says:

it is a very easy ride to overlook because its mixed in with a store and a restaurant but definitely a fun family ride

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