Carnival Cruise Inspiration – Ensenada Mexico Vacation 2017

Here is my trip down to Mexico aboard the Carnival Inspiration. Day 1 in Long beach. Day 2 Catalina Island. Day 3 Ensenada Mexico and La Bufadora. and finally Day 4 for a fun filled day at sea.

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Mark Villenas says:

Cool video!!!…im going in July

Angel Lee says:

What a beautiful video! Makes me excited for our cruise in August! Thanks for getting me hyped! Haha 🙂

Richard Lee Cabrera Jr. says:

mannnnn…. this video just got me more excited. my wife and I just booked this cruise to be taken in July of 2018… would u take another cruise? what might u do differently? at Catalina and Ensenada, did u take any excursion tours or did u do your own thing?

Eddie Martinez says:

Hey I remember seeing you on the boat…nice vid!

Lori K says:

wow, cruises have never really appealed to me- although I love the ocean and being on boats- but your video really makes it look like fun!

Skyler Huynh says:

I went on this cruise and it was great

AmericanGamer89 says:

Hell yeah im aboarding that ship in 2018

bigdawg roadhawg says:

I like this video bro! My family and I are going on this same cruise in February. This video just got me even more excited and can’t wait!! Lol

Emely M says:

Doing this exact trip June 2018. Thanks for showing how it looks. Any tips on where to go? Bars and restaurants to check out? Thank you

dwill123 says:

Wonderful, beautiful video.  Thank you for posting.


I went there for the full summer got to do some mad fishing

Chelle P. says:

Very well done.

Jayden Aronson says:

hey I’m going on this cruise soon and was wondering if you had troubles with your drone? i am wanting to bring mine! but i thought you weren’t allowed too? is your drone licensed?

AmericanGamer89 says:

Love the video and the song

Dj Den Kot says:


dashia rahmaan says:

Great video you did a fab job with the editing! Looks like you had a good time…I’ve been thinking about going on this cruise. Thanks for sharing!!

Christine Cecil says:

one of the nicest videos I’ve seen ..I take this cruise in just a few days

Jessica Herrerra says:

what was free and what wasn’t on the carnival?

Dale Teille says:

My wife and I took this exact same cruise on the Inspiration in late September. 2016. You have captured the entire spirit of the trip and activities in a 9 min video. Awesome job. Just wish you would have got the cruise director Dee Brandon in it. We are going back in May, 2018 for our 25th Anniversary. Thanks for sharing the memories!

Cesar Tovar says:

Nice touch with the drone I will take mine next time! You didn’t have any problems flying it at the port, catalina, or ensenada? Nice job!

Ms Kitty Kitty says:

Nice! My sister and I are taking this same cruise next month Oct 2017 for our bday!!!!

Justin Built says:

Did you have any trouble taking the drone on the boat or getting it through security at the ports?

AmericanGamer89 says:

I heard it goes to Ensenada tp Long Beach is that true?

April Bebee says:

What kinda of drone did you use for the air videos?

Timothy says:

What was the sail date?

Dylan Anderson says:

lol I wondered when you would release this video.

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