Carnival Cruise 2015 – Fun Video Tour and Review – Here’s What to Expect (Travel Vlog)

Here’s a fun(ny) video of our Carnival Cruise experience as we sailed away to Catalina and Mexico!

What a great way to celebrate our 4-Year Anniversary! Service was exceptional. Entertainment was great. And the food was stinkin’ awesome (all day buffets and 24-hour pizza!).

We highly recommend it!



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Songs (in order):

Silent Partner – Spring In My Step
Silent Partner – Pink Lemonade
Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Venice beach
Huma-Huma – Smart Riot
Jingle Punks – Lucky day
Jingle Punks – Stoker
Silent Partner – Rustled Feathers


Skinnyp22 says:

I went on that ship before it was fun

Clrrox says:

I went there before with my parents and when I first went on the cruise ship I brought home a cruise ship toy to remember I still have it

love 2018 h and k says:

I’ve been it is so good

MrJermaine972 says:

How can you not like this video?

Danielle Zvovushe says:

Did anyone get an answer to the camera question? Im curious to know what kind of camera you guys used as well! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

Delightful Travellers says:

Fantastic channel. Well done! We really loved it.

shane dempsey says:

How is this cruise any good

# dragon says:

Thanks for sharing. The best Carnival Imagination video on YouTube! Did I miss the Illusions Night Club scene? I just returned from the Carnival Imagination. It was good, but maybe not for me. I’m returning to Princess. Try the Golden Princess if you can on your next cruise.

stnic says:

Dope vid. I live in the OC and have never given cruises out of Long Beach a chance because of the ports. But when I think about it, some of the best times I’ve had have been on the ship. Forget the ports! Thanks.

bigfellaoo7 says:

Carnival Valor this Nov. Really excited about it.

Sharon Jones says:

This was cute to watch. I’m taking my man on a surprise cruise on the same ship so this got me really excited 🙂

OksanAzov - says:

Great video,what kind of camera did you use?

KickTracks says:

Excellent! That’s very cool. Thank you for this video.

K44931 MSP says:

I. Go there in one day aka towmorrow I wanna meet u

Kelly Signorotti says:

Did you have any problems with any of the food or drinks not tasting normal?

Chip Pee says:

Someone else plays this song in there YouTube I can’t think of it tho it’s bothering me now lol

mzlil says:

The live shows that you guys were watching, was it free or was there also a fee?
I’m planning my trip this summer and want to know as much as i can, thank you

Blingo Brown says:

ill be there in october!!! lol

Amanda Tan says:

Shes very pretty!!

Rachel Shugart says:

My daughter and I really liked watching your vlog. Out of all the vlogs I have watched, yours was the most entertaining. When we go on our cruise I am going to try to make a vlog as enjoyable as yours. We are taking a 10 year old and it will be my daughter’s 21st birthday. Our third time. The 10 years old’s first time.
Thanks for sharing!

Te Nguyen says:


Chelsea Garza says:

We just did a carnival cruise! Made a video of ours too! So much fun!

Kiana Nicole says:

Which ship was it? I know the line is carnival but do yo remember which ship?

Anna martin says:

Excellent video!
I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you for sharing ❤️

Tajanae Bond says:

I’m going on a cruise on august 28 this summer. CAN`T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 🙂

Thegamerminions says:


Kevin Bradwell says:

i went on this cruise a few years ago

kelsey garner says:

my boyfriend and i are going on a carnival cruise for our 6th anniversary. This so helped

Anna Macko says:

This cruise trip is amazing! Definitely on my bucket list!

pinkpoo007 says:

Awesome trip guys, looks like you had so much fun.

Mikevoltage says:

Nice video… I feel like I know you guys now. We’re going on the Carnival Fascination in February. I can’t wait to use my GoPro.

Kelly Signorotti says:

Was that your first cruise together or first ever for each of you?

MeeshaMillz TV says:

Hello, Great video! What kind of camera did you use for vlogging?

Jana Banana says:

Your video is fantastic:)
Check out my channel let me know what you think of it?
Have a great day!
Subscribe if you like it thanks

Meisha Jones says:

Looks cool and now I what i am going to be doing

Alex Faulds says:

how was the curse

V Lord says:

I love you guys, you are fabulous together! What a great travel log. Thank you for sharing. What a great video. May you have a long wonderful life together.. keep posting vlogs.

Lindsey Lou-who says:

You guys are so sweet I got diabeetus – thanks for sharing this awesome vlog! The hubs and I are cruisin’ next month and we can’t wait!

Bev Adams says:

You guys look like a lot of fun!!! Thank you for posting your adventure!!!

D M says:

Thanks for the video… I’m doing the same cruise April 2016

Bill & Lisa's food and travel blog says:

Great video!

Bump Finish says:


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