😍 Romantic Day in Yelapa! Only Accessible By Boat! – Travel Mexico couple vlog #289

This valentines day Ashley and I decided to go somewhere special. We heard about this little town in Mexico that you can only get to by boat called Yelapa. We visited Yelapa’s waterfall, and the beautiful beach as well as eating at some restaurants near the town center before heading off into the sunset.

Yelapa Is Only Accessible By Boat! – Mexico vlog #289

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Marc K says:

Relationship goals <3

Alperen Yıldız says:

when i see this kind natural places and especially sea ….i say myself who founded my fcking City(Sivas) middle of anatolia ….fcking hittites i hate em …..sıvası şehir diye kuranın aklının kabını sikiyim …..

grantcivyt says:

Really beautiful scenery. It’s nice you got to see some pretty sights on and off the beaten path. 🙂

David M says:

music is everywhere in mexico and loud.one thing I assure you is that Mexicans are not depressed bored people not even in the poorest areas

Rey Situmorang says:

Thank you guys, We are going to visit PV for a week this coming June 2017.. enjoyed watching your vlogs in PV.

Jul Cyril Matobato says:

I really loved jackfruit.. Its one of my favorite <3

Mary Romo Martin says:

“We didnt know what torta was, now we know” hahahahahaha

Akhil Bhardwaj says:

Hey Josh, I don’t understand why you put so uncommon and straight titles to your videos. Your titles are the highest priority entity for search optimization and you’ve titled the video as “Yelapa Is Only Accessible By Boat! – Mexico vlog “, how will search that if he/she is not a subscriber. ‘Valentine’s Day in Yelepa – Mexico’ or anything that would be more search oriented, if I am making any sense.

Jr S says:

I subscribed well done video Wonderful Couple

THE GOLDMAN Rodriguez says:


Cassie Stephens says:

loved this video!! looks like fun!

platinumUser7 says:

I don’t recognize that song

joar bratland says:

Nice shots from what looks like a fun day out. I had -5 and snow here, so needless to say I’m jealous.

buffybot says:

omg those drone shots!~!!!!! ash looks sun burnt 🙁 Everything looked so beautiful! Happy Valentines Day ash and josh!!!! <3

noel barron says:

It’s Méjico with all do respect

dio gutz says:

That musica aka”banda” was introduced to Mexico by German.

Rachel richardson says:

did a search for places on the planet only by boat.


see your point, the true term only accessible by boat , not even aircraft can reach there. this spot is accessible in more ways than you think.
i see why you titled it so

Stacy Brown says:

♥️ watching you lovebirds!

Northview59 says:

OK – we spent 4 weeks in Yelapa in 2016 (2 for spring break and 2 over Christmas). We are returning next December. The pueblo has a different vibe before the day trippers arrive and after they head home for the day. A fantastic place! There are also a number of very good restaurants in the pueblo – with great quality and low prices. I am not crazy about the beach bars.
That said, my wife and I gasped in unison when we saw you eating in that hole in the wall place that we walked by many times but never considered. And what, you ordered a torta before you knew what it was? Daring! Judging by this, and your CDMX videos where you seem to eat everything in sight, you guys must have stomachs of steel. Are my wife and I overly cautious, or do you have a secret to prevent stomach upset?

Gayle Arnold says:

Looks like a lot of fun!! I need some warm sunshine by the water! You two are such a nice couple!

Maritza V says:

Great video! Yelapa is so pretty!

VFR800Fi1 says:

Hi Guys. very slick video!!!!!!!! Mexico looks beautiful, I would very much like to see a review of your drone please. and Ash I hope you remember your sunblock!!!!!!!!!!!

Envision Adventure says:

Your vlogs always make my day, always such positive vibes. Looks like you both had a great Valentines Day.

TheTravelingClatt says:

fantastic! This place looks incredible!

Dolores Cardenas says:

Love riding the bus in PV with Ranchero music playing:) We don’t get that in the train commute in Chicago:) What a lovely way to spend the day!

Miguel Pow says:

Hello guys! I love you and your videos. You DID encourage me to travel today! Did you tried tamales while you were in Mexico?

Emma Hauenstein says:

I’m going to yelapa in 2 weeks:)

Jen Steward says:

Looks super fun! Happy Valentine’s Day!

WΔY ΔWΔY says:

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johnlennon7228 says:

Muy buen video amigos, saludos desde Guadalajara. Amo Vallarta.
Very Well video friens, greetings from Guadalajara. I love Vallarta (is in Jalisco state too).

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