Xplor Park near Cancun (Vacation in Mexico – Part 3 – 09/2015)

Xplor Park is a unique underground world where you will enjoy unparalleled adventure. During the day fly between trees and bridges, discover amazing caves and extraordinary rock formations.


Xin Chen says:

Does the vehicle fit three people? we have a 12-year-old with us

Elvira Nikolaeva says:

Спасибо ребята, классное видео. Сделали для себя “закладку”. Обязательно посетим через месяц. Сколько времени занимает весь этот тур? Автобус от отеля до отеля конечно не считаем. Как далеко это от Grand Bahia Coba? И можно ли туда с ребёнком 9ти лет?

Alpha Savage says:

а как вам было на зип лайн и на горки

Kirstin M says:

Hi there, I’m wondering in the waters is there any fish or anything at all? Thanks!

Ray Liang says:

so, totally worth the money?

BeautyByChoice says:

do you need a license to drive

DeJanee Seay says:

Are camera’s or phones allowed to take pictures and record?

Pui Han Ang says:

Amazing video! One question, is there any extra fee to do all these activities after paying the admission fee? Thanks!


i am going to xplor

Crix says:

I went there 🙂

heygreene says:

Great video… to the point and not a bunch of selfies. A great tour of the facility, which we’ll hopefully be at in a couple of weeks. Thanks, and was that a reptile @ 9:35?

Harvey Byers says:

I came here last month and it’s an terrifying yet amazing once in a lifetime experience if u visit Mexico and your are near here I highly recommend it

rodrigo neira says:

Someone know if is necessary to use aqua shoes in the park?

terry spencer says:

This looks like a fantastic tour, can i askwhat the price per adult was please?

Cesar Brito Jr says:

Do you have to drive the atv to get to the zip line or walk?

Jacqueline Torres says:

I’m going in may with husband, how cold is the water in the underground rivers?

Cesar Brito Jr says:

Thank you so much

Izzieann xo says:

Hi can you go on all the zip lines together as a pair? I’d be too scared on my own but would do it if I was attached to my partner ha ha! Awesome video

Alek Arreola says:

Does an adult have to come with ? Or am i considered an adult I’m 16

GrimmXD says:

How did you attach the GoPro to the helmets they provided? Did you have to attach one of your own mounts? or was there already one on?

hrundel44408 says:

Hi Guys! Do you need a driving license to drive around the park?

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