The Most Ridiculous Amusement Park Ride Ever! The Tagada

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The Most Ridiculous Amusement Park Ride Ever! The Tagada

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SnakeZ says:

The thing is it looks dangerous but it’s not and it very fun. The sad thing is everyone over there on the ride were men.

Enrique Araujo Sr. says:

I wouldn’t even be able to go on this. I had spine surgery. that shit would kill me haha

sim_ tastic vids says:

ive been on them before i asked the guy to turn it up full speed was going 75 miles a hour we all fucking bouncing around like shit haha

Life Blender says:

Hell yeah w a go pro

andreablsph says:

common in italy in early 90’s.

BlueEyed SouthernGirl says:

Omg if I got on this my tits would slap me literally to death!!

farisa fairy says:


The Elite says:

Grand Prix (Grand-Pree)

Owl bolt says:

I would do this if I didn’t fuck up my leg last summer.

Oh poor billy he never stood a chance.

And I never stood again


The Plumber64 says:


Weirdest News says:

*Lol, This is just too funny.*

mistyeclipse sone says:

I’ve seen this ride before! It looks like it would br fun so lonh as the operator isn’t an asshole.

Hassaan J says:

Bro you literally just read the descriptionfrom wiki

Theocritus says:

What did the librarian say to the kid?

Read more

Exploding Sir says:

I’ve went on this ride before and my phone fell out of my pocket T-T

Flauber Paiva P says:

I always ride on this shit. You only get hurt on this ride whether you’re such a dumbass or a real string bean that can’t hold yourself on to that bar. There’s this ride over here, you just bust a gut watching people bouncing like a basket ball. ALL GLORY FOR THE CHICKS ALL OVER THE RIDE JUMPING ON ME THOUGH

Asim Bacchus says:

4:20 “Grand Prikkkssss”

MsKool71 says:

I remember this one , wow I was probably 8-9 years old wow wow wow

Todge says:

No homo or not trying to be weird no pun intended but you are one handsome man

Raeey Ghebre Meskel says:

I was on that thang its fuckn dangerous my sister almost broke her finger

GrandeButera says:

This comes to my country every single year in feb-march, and i’m 16 and i got i this thing and i ended up with the worst bruises in the world in my arms and my arms ended up hurting for a whole week, you have to have certain age and certain height, its actually fun but when you are in the top part you have to hold on to it as hard as you can because the one who is in charge of moving in it and thing, leave you there for 3 minutes and it hurts so much in the hands. Theres a video of an accident happening in this thing in youtube i wish you would habe included it!!! Its awful

GigaPlayerX says:

I went on this ride last year, let me just say that the entire experience was painful because none of us actually let go of the metal bars, what stinks is that the guy in charge of the wheel actually made the ride a living hell just to see someone slip. Even those waiting were booing because there was no action. Fortunately none of us let go, however we ended with bruises on our arms from the pressure. Your bottom will hurt badly too from the violent shaking.

Ice Tea says:


BeastMods says:

Next video
Giveaway for this ride

Senpopai says:

That is so fuckin stupid. What a stupid idea for a “ride”

SansSerif says:


Masaharu Morimoto says:

How did I miss this! For once the recommended videos delivers!

estrella rodriguez says:

Yo no entender

Celia Masters says:


Wendy Monson says:

Best. Thing. Ever.

Adam Kahlke says:


Pixel_1295 says:

Ive been on it!

FC BARCA says:

I would get on it and sit by some chick with a fat booty

Mery Nixe says:

In Germany we call this “Superhopser”, but I think we’ve got the light- version from this Tagada.

mohamed moh says:

Lol we have this ride in my country it’s fuckin amazing

BeShak says:

Tell me why only girls were getting laughed off there seat?

Marianna Alvarado says:

The one where her pants fall of is where I live

Aspen ;-; says:

I go on it all the time…
not even joking…
I love them…
especially when other people fall of HAHAHAHAH….

BossATsleep says:

i’m 13 i’d get on


The tagada comes to my town every year and I ride it every year. It doesn’t throw you around. I’ve never seen someone fall into the middle. Nobody has hurt them self. You just sit there without even holding on to anything and you’ll have a great time. It’s really fun! Everyone is freaking out and I’m here laughing because it’s no big deal. It’s safe!!!

Stacie Cowley says:

I went on it and my top came up and trousers down lol

lefteris refanidis says:

well listen here you tards , this ‘ride’ is actually pretty fun , if you do it properly and you dont try to show off by standing up it’s quite safe , you cross your legs with the person next to you you grab the bars and enjoy

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