Six Flags Mexico 2017 Tour & Review with Hyde

Join Hyde as he shows us around Six Flags Mexico, covering all of the parks rides, roller coasters, food, beer, cool parts of the park and more.

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Elias Mertens says:

Looks like Six Flags Mexico is probably one of the best Six Flags parks. It has some great coasters, a nice variety of flat rides, decent themeing that looks better than any themeing at any other Six Flags park, and the prices seem decent.

Abel ale Hdz ruiz says:

jaja hola una pregunta “cuanto cuesta el pase anual en taquillas”? y no sabes cuanto por el vip? y si se puede hacerlo anual el vip y cuanto cuesta?

shane brown says:


Dan Bunting says:

4:51 fak you

Nick Hutson says:

Mike is playing Tulley! 🙂 Thanks for the nice comments on Ghostbusters!

Jonny B says:

Copying Universal Studios and their parades everyday. Who copied DIsney, haha.

GaelGamer52 says:



Viva mexico

Mary Elizabeth Bauer says:

This park looks fantastic.

Rollercoaster Rider says:

I didn’t like Superman personally. Give me Phantom’s Revenge or Mamba.


Oh men, That is my home PARK ;D

Nessie says:

This the 1st time me hearing about this. It looks amazing

ThemeParkJunky51290 says:

GREAT VIDEO! Six Flags Mexico seems like a nice park, and the theming is amazing! I would love to visit one day.

rachaelcotter84 says:

I am from Ireland

Jesuslover52 says:

Some people are saying that this Six Flags is the BEST Six Flags you can go to. Are you kidding me? They have a SLC, a mouse coaster, a MORGAN hyper, a boomerang, a Pandemonium, and the 1 RMC.

Yes, the theming might be the best in the chain, but that doesn’t mean that this is the best Six Flags park.

This park even gets a lot of hand me downs. The mouse coaster I think was supposed to go to New England, Pandemonium is from Discovery Kingdom, and even the boomerang is not new. I like those 3 rides. Most coaster enthusiasts don’t even care to ride even 1 of those 3. Six Flags Over Texas has those same tea cups. Six Flags New Orleans once had a ride like that Joker’s Jukebox (Octopus). I wouldn’t surprised if that’s where it ended up at.

The pineapple ride looks great, but to me that’s a disappointing ride. It’s a Huss Flipper. I have ridden an ARM Touchdown (which is very similar), and to me, it looks better than it rides.

For me, the ride selection at Six Flags St. Louis, Magic Mountain, Great America, Over Texas, Over Georgia, and even Great Adventure is better than this park.

Adan Vivero says:

how was the city around the park?? Was it dangerous around there or was it safe to go? My dad wants to visit Mexico City next summer, and I want this to be one of the places we go to… let me know.

Rollercoaster Rider says:

You missed out with the rapids ride. You could’ve gotten peed on.

Theme Park Nerd says:

0:07 does that guy on the right want to have fun with someone?

Samuel Family and Friends says:

i’ve only been to six flags new england

firewalk13 says:

What a beautiful park. Adding to the bucket list! Thanks!

EDventures * says:

Looks like an awesome park.

Fronkle says:

are video cameras allowed on rides I’m go in mexico

Adam's Coaster Chronicles says:

Looks like a great park! It seems like the story with all the Iron Horses is that they run sluggishly in the morning and run much better at the end of the day. Also, most are better in the front seat when warmed up so it makes sense that your opinion would change. Thanks for the video!

Cedric Scott says:

that looks like it’s probably the best themed and most themed six flags park in the chain. I have a few more to visit but from my visits to SFOG, SFA, SFGreatAdventure, & SFMM, this one seems the best themed. Mulitiple indoor ques! that’s awesome.

Louis Allendelagua says:

Actually the tank where Keiko and the Free Willy movie was filmed is right by the Double Decker Carousel, is still there presenting dolphin shows and stuff, you can even see the back of the Superman queue from there.
I’m always so impressed by the ride ops in this park, they are so fast! more like a Cedar Fair park rather than Six Flags

Parker VanBelleghem says:

The theming is amazing for a Six Flags Park. This video has definitely changed my original perception/exception for this park.

Lalo Cruz says:


Zenohs says:

I hear a lot of rumors that Medusa Steel is the best RMC in existence? Agree or disagree? If not, where would you place it?

Skimad123 says:


Robin Kirves says:

His name was Keiko, not Willy.

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