Pregnant Girl Theme Park Attraction Walk-Through Selva Magica Mexico

You read that correct! This is a weird “walk-through attraction” of the inside of a pregnant lady named “Alicia” at a theme park in Guadalajara, Mexico! I think it’s supposed to be “educational”, but really, it’s just plain bizarre & awesome! Filmed & Edited by Robb Alvey –


eminel hernandez says:

ah shit here we go again worst place rollerhighs balla country I ain’t represent grove street for five years but the ballas won’t give a shit

Judy Gibson says:

it’s a nice little baby

Yutti 123 says:

One direction in the beginning

Lesia Humphrey says:

that is so weird

Madison Castillo says:


Miss_ Annalicia says:

“I believe this is the farthest you’ve been in a women” Me: LOL

Eren Jäger says:

Well there is this female titan.

hopeja r. says:

“amazing, awesome” rly?

Kaela McNeil says:

Why is she laying on her tummy if she is preggers?

Marshan Thomas says:

this is creepy.

Scarlet Torres says:

I’ve been inside there.

Tay Tay says:

What the hell is this?!
The only good part was 1D playing in the beginning

Laura Pafumi says:

Alicia in Italia si chiamava Eva…

mkg 21 says:

2:30 proof that women do poop

Marshan Thomas says:

is this 2017

HumanBillCipher says:


Raven Ramos says:

i go every year to that park and i always go up to that attraction

Texas Made Kidd says:

When you think Japan things are weird

Lydieluck 77 says:

This has to be the WEIRDEST theme park attraction I have ever seen! Not to mention totally anatomically incorrect haha

Lost Faller says:

One Direction is everywhere…

Derpy Derp says:


Autumn Hungrige says:


Gamr Cupecakez says:

But why…..

Jessica Campos says:

MAN:its a nice little baby

Sweet cotton :3 says:

Yo de pequeña me metí y me dio miedo y salí llorando XD estábamos en la boca pero quise ver el recorodido para ver si me meto ahora sí sin miedo XD

melon with a voice says:

Erron and annie finally tied the knot

Counterfeit Rainbows says:

This would creep me tf out

Sadie Plays YT says:

I know all of these comments are about her teeth being so close to her brain but HOW TF WAS SHE PREGNANT SHE HAD NO OVARIES but kinda lucky for her no cramps I guess

Shelby Lawrence says:

did we exist out her vagina

MortyWaves says:


in real life

tasha capper says:

kid rock

jshd jsjsjs says:

This reminds me of that episode from that’s so raven

Jynae Milsap says:

I mean 0706

Jynae Milsap says:

exactly TheBigMan0707

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