Park offers border-crossing simulator

CNN’s Nick Parker reports on a Mexican amusement park that offers tourists the experience of a fake border crossing. For more CNN videos, visit our site at


X91ROD says:

Noble as their intentions are, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. Is it discouraging people from crossing the border illegally, or is it training them to cross the border illegally?

Captain Crooks says:

simply disgusting ! mexicans should be legal immigrants ;like you all americans !
You came from europe and you killed all the indians to get their land ! You have no right to declare who should come or not.

Scott Wright says:

And for all you dumb people that are overly politically correct, I like hyspanic people just fine. We need to put America back to work before helping out all these people who are not supposed to be with in the US Borders. We have alot of people on welfare and unemployment. They can be sent out to the fields.

Jeffrey Mayer says:

Scott wright….learn how to spell before you start espousing you political views!

Lil Muneca says:

Practice makes perfect(;

Benjamin Rivero says:

it’s sad how many people are racist

Michael Lawless says:

practice practice practice
they will be coming here soon
hurry amnesty in ussa

Rocoto727 says:

…unless you’re a Native American, shut the fuck up, turd.

Michael Lawless says:

training of course

Raul Flores says:

5hat was 10 of whatreally awaits

caleejr says:

Don’t Mexican’s know they can cross the US Border at a border crossing for FREE? American’s have to do it when they come back from Mexico, and American’s have to do it when they come back from Canada. Canadians have to show their ID when they cross, It’s No Different on the Southern Border. Cross at a check point, cross at a Border Crossing..
The only reason you would cross illegally is if you are doing something ILLEGAL! If not, walk right through – come on in at a border crossing.

Corey Blake says:

the truth is there are no borders, only one earth.

Jack Flint says:

One review: “The smell alone made me want to kill myself, its as if their sweat shit inside my soul.”

Jack Flint says:

I’m a nazi for pointing out that mexican’s can’t even wipe their own asses and have to cross a border to do so…yeah, that some nazi shit. Go back to trying to BBQ beans.

Scott Wright says:

Only if people from South America can become better in producing something, whether it is sugar cane, pineapples, or start making competitive shoes and clothing. Maybe start a world wide headquarters in research on a particular disease. Come up with a competitive solar project that an ordanary house hold could use that will not cost a fortune to install. Come up with an actual car with an engine that runs on used vegitable oil and water. Build something.

Captain Crooks says:

Stupid Nazi !

Jack Flint says:

I don’t plan on playing you? You’ll have to continue frequenting truck stops and public bathrooms for your sexual enjoyment. Remember, WIDE STANCE and drop those pants, your republicunt leaders need to plug your jesus hole.

Rocoto727 says:

lol, YOU have crossed their border dumb ass. This country belongs to THEM. You or your ancestors came to this continent escaping famine, religious persecution, etc etc But unless you are a Native American, you are also an illegal alien to this continent.

Jack Flint says:

Yeah, sure, mexicans can’t fix their country so they should flee to another country and fuck it up too….watch out canada, that shit smell is coming to fuck your face next.

moseslocke says:


My ancestors were Dutch. They came here before there was a United States of America. They purchased the land they worked on from the people living here at the time. The Native Americans they paid most likely took the land from the previous tribe through warfare. Oh darn.

They also created this wonderful country through hard work and a system which does not reward law breakers (at least it didn’t in the past)

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