New Mexico Rattler Roller Coaster POV Cliffs Amusement Park Woodie

New Mexico Rattler! Awesome wood roller coaster! Check out Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque, NM:

Filmed by Jake Garbelotti
Edited by Robb Alvey

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KeyAna Calderon says:

I live in new mexico the rattler is so fun

Angel Lucero says:

I’ve been on that before

Vahnilla LlamaSimmer says:

My friend Victor, the seat belt person didn’t even check his seatbelt. It got loose in the beginning. He had to hold the belt one handed and the other hand on the bar. He was bouncing EVERYWHERE

Lance Lehman says:

The back row is the roughest

GD Majik says:

I live in Albuquerque!

michael anthony says:

i saw the new ride in the background

Nick Linson says:

Only coaster in new mexico

Scribbles The Gummibear says:

BTW this ride is a lot more jarring than it shows in the video.

The Harpoon cliquer says:

fun ride fats pase but it messes with ur head

Aliana Calderon says:

I live in NM abq I like the fire ball and cliff hanger better thiss ride is fun to but not that scary

Diamond Raygun 101 dope gamer says:

this ride gives u whiplash but it’s fun

Guillaume Graff says:

This wooden coaster has steal supports o_O

Gumball says:

They should turn this into a RMC coaster

Bo Giggles says:

no wonder they call it the rattler…

Brian Lopez says:

I knew of this coaster, looked cool, and was always intrigued that neither TPR or CF had video of it! In fact only found one good one ever by an amateur, glad there is finally a TPR vid for it! Oh and does look pretty sweet, shame it’s so obscure, tucked away in NM

Cami Banks says:

I just got back from cliffs and this was my favorite ride!

Andy Bornman says:

Yes it’s in NM because cliffs is in ABQ NM

claudia regalado says:


daijia jones says:

OMG people New Mexico is a New Mexico Mexico is Mexico Mexico and Mexico are different in New Mexico people speak Spanish and English in Mexico mostly people speak Spanish

Spearzus says:

I don’t miss Albuquerque, but I miss this ride. So many memories.

stern jay says:

IM GEEKING OUT!!!!!!!! I LIVE IN NEWMEXICO!!!!!!!!!! Yes the rollercoaster is so fun try the Clif hanger

daijia jones says:

ok Albuquerque is a city new mexico is a state really I live in New Mexico and you don’t know what that is

daijia jones says:

I know about this roller coaster because I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and I’m always on that ride every summer it’s actually in Albuquerque New Mexico

Randihope AJ says:

How  do you get to ALL THESE PLACES  like everyday?! i mean do u have like a LOT of money or somthin?!

Kassidy Gonzales says:

My first roller coaster. Its NEW mexico. Not mexico

Elena Montoya says:

I live in Albuquerque new Mexico and I go to cliffs every year

Tummas Joensen says:

You can say that the rattler,
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Has got a rattle to it.

Yumi Wolf says:

I just close my eyes the whole time I’m on it x3

ReinaBaby says:

Ah the memories 2 years ago I used to go there all the time! Time scares me I want to go back ti that summer going there 11:00 A.M and leaving at 10:00 P.M every weekend

Gosh I’m growing so fast my childhood is just getting smaller and smaller


Eddie Tome says:

This roller coaster is in Albuquerque New mexico i recently was at cliffs and i got on this roller coaster it was a blast!!!


i live in nm

BeltedYapper says:

Is it me or do the supports look steel frame? Because wood cuts that thin would probably fall under the weight.

MrLaptop Coasters says:

0:16 sounds EXACTLY like RCT2’s wooden coaster sound.

xxn turbos93 says:

this roller coaster is fun

Sophia Varela says:

I’m in a hotel there and I can see the park from my window

Haylee Hacker says:

I live here

Genny Smith Smith says:

This is the new Mexico rattler not mexico and its one of the best rides in cliffs amusement park

Jamie Ramone says:

I remember there being an “Uncle Cliff’s” amusement park in NM back when I lived there (80’s). Is this the same 1 renamed or is it a completely different park?

Oliver Jett Anderson says:

a great roller coaster.

Theron Sheppard says:

Cliffs and Blakes Lotaburger go hand in hand in Albuquerque…..

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