New Mexico Rattler front seat on-ride HD POV Cliff’s Amusement Park

Did you know that CCI (Custom Coasters International) went bankrupt while building the New Mexican Rattler which left the coaster less than half complete? The park finished construction on their own and the coaster opened late in the 2002 season.
Cliff’s Amusement Park is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This is the exact same video as the New Mexico Rattler 3D video we posted for those that cannot view the 3D version on their phone or tablet. Here is the link to the 3D video we posted:

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Fatalroadie says:

And mute was turned on at 0:40…

Crystal Tenorio says:

Who was that dumd girl all screaming loud

girlstorm09 says:

it must be fun sitting next to those loud obnoxious screamers….

Nate Schreyer says:

Who let dying rabbits onboard?

ThatIntaminGuy says:

Holy hell somebody get those awfully obnoxious girls to shut up. It’s not that scary.

Cringe Central Memes says:

Had to turn my volume off

Red Xenos says:

The rattler make you go deaf when you go through the tunnels

goldentapes says:

Either you stabilized the footage in some way or that is one smooth wood coaster!

Pinkflower Me says:

Ah ha way to much Screeching

Stephane Tanguay says:

Oh my god, please just shut the f*uck up!!!

David Griego says:

CF thanks for making this video about this wooden roller coaster in my hometown, i have been on this ride over a dozen times it’s quite a thrill i love it

Mattman Oberto says:

I think that this is one of the best looking rides by CCI. It was also there last coaster

semipro6600 says:

I hate when ppl screech on roller coasters like this

Paula Strongheart says:


Marisol Galvez says:

I’ve been on the ratterler before and I didn’t scream like I’m stupid

andyknight1 says:

someone tell those girls to shut up. it’s not necessary.

M&H Racing says:

RIP headphone users

yugiboy2000 says:

screaming is an emotional feeling this way is for fun, a roller coaster without screaming girls is not a roller coaster, is fun, this makes sense, this is the point. get emotional XD

Walschaerts Build Team says:

All headphone users just died from too much exposure to girls screaming their lungs out.

Brendan T says:

Holy shit are these girls annoying. It’s like playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 – you hear screaming on even the smallest, 5-foot drops.

Marisol Galvez says:

can they shut up …….your scream is freaking annoying

Syn Apsis says:

Next time choose a run without screaming girls.

Brutus Buckeye says:

OMG! Is somebody being murdered?! Shut up!

Random Channel says:

They allow pigs on board?

Marcel Wannieck says:

I think those screeches damaged my laptop’s speakers.

daijia jones says:

Trust me guys it is a short ride but it’s awesome it doesn’t go upside down in squiggle crazy but it’s really fun

Zane Webb says:

custom coasters went out of business when they took they dumb idea to build son of beast then kings island fired them to finish the project when it started having issues they sued them for it way to go paromount

Peter Elijah says:

I am using headphones and I just died

texascoaster 92 says:

i wish there was a park like this in texas!

Flyineddy says:

New Mexico Rattler? Sounds more like a banshee to me. :p
But it looks like a fun coaster with a good amount of airtime.

Hieagandaus says:

The last time I saw that many nets was when Jaws was still open.



jacob Bojorquez says:

that ride is so cool when I went on it we got front seats.crazy

sharkheadism says:

everyone’s mad at the girls’ screaming because it reminds them they’re virgin autismos who will never have a family

phoenixmagi2 says:

Awesome ride

ItsCaskey 408 says:

The screens of the those girls is scarier than the ride.

Diana Standefer says:

Yes, CCI collapsing sucked, but does does anyone miss them?

Lucas Chapman says:

God this is my favorite ride at cliffs I love riding on it.

Eric Fellner says:

Come on, screaming on coasters is all part of the fun! Nice looking ride with the flags and tunnels!

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