NEW for Six Flags Theme Parks in 2018! ALL Rides & Roller Coasters Announcement!

All the new ride and roller coaster announcements for Six Flags in 2018!

Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas— the world’s first single rail coaster and first-ever WONDER WOMAN-themed roller coaster— WONDER WOMAN Golden Lasso Coaster.

At Six Flags Magic Mountain, “The Thrill Capital of the Planet,” prepare for CraZanity— the world’s tallest pendulum ride.

Coming to Six Flags Great Adventure, the first-of-its-kind in North America—and the first ride in the world themed after DC Super Hero CYBORG.

Six Flags Over Georgia, The Thrill Capital of the South, is debuting an exciting new hybrid roller coaster—Twisted Cyclone.

The Thrill Capital of New England, Six Flags New England, is taking thrills to a whole new level with HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity.

Six Flags Mexico is launching its first ever 4D Free Fly Coaster in 2018.

Six Flags America, near Washington D.C., will debut Wahoo River

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, The Thrill Capital of Northern California, will debut the thrilling, new HARLEY QUINN Crazy Coaster,

Towering at a staggering 100 feet in the air, the world’s largest loop coaster is headed to Six Flags Great America

At Six Flags St. Louis, The Coaster Capital of Missouri, a massive new water attraction is headed to its Hurricane Harbor waterpark in 2018—Typhoon Twister.

Six Flags Over Texas, The Thrill Capital of Texas, is ramping up for the next generation in thrill rides and the first-of-its-kind in North America—HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity.

Complete Pandemonium is headed to The Great Escape

La Ronde, in Montreal, is celebrating all things family with Carnaval en Folie

Waterworld Concord, the newest member of the Six Flags family of parks, is excited to debut its biggest new attraction in over a decade with the introduction of Splashwater Island, an enormous new interactive water play area designed for the entire family.


Isaac Gomez says:

Damn !! 2018 is gonna be a big coaster year !! Big coaster year for Six Flags and Cedar Fair !

Mayra Espinoza says:

WY made of wood

Lizbeth Lucero says:


Debrah Karni says:

Well ik wut rides im not going on…

Themasterpro 17 says:

Twisted cyclone is medusa steel coaester in México

Legomaster Yoz says:

Dang, they really love Harley.

GtA BaDaSs says:

5:50 what hair

Lps Błuë says:

I’m not gonna complain to much, but I just wanna day that I’m a little disappointed with what I got this year… A super loop? really? I thought we were done with the super loops! I never complain about the rides I’ve gotten till this year. I hope we get something GOOD next year 🙁

Shark Man X bro! says:

Can’t wait for Six Flags Great America to open up again. April 21 is so close yet so far.

Rwby Fan says:

So disappointed with six flags great America A SUPER LOOP IS NOT A COASTER

Angel Gabriel Pina-Quinones says:

I can’t wait for the fire ball

Lil Scooter says:

Come to ship rock NM

godishere says:

who ever response to this is gat

negativeking9 says:

Pisses me off that they would ruin Cyclone like that. Would’ve rather them tear it down then let it get tainted by that shit.

Cotlynn K says:

Can’t wait for the new six flags magic mountain ride but I hope they don’t tear out any cool rides

Haille Ellyse says:

Why are you all getting so salty about Six Flags and getting all technical? Just shut up and enjoy the ride!!! (PS: Six Flags New England is CRIMINALLY underrated.)

Dev-Deh_13 says:


Grape says:

0:42 what if somebody hit their heads on those woody things

916nene says:

Six flags discovery kingdom never gets good rides they always get the cheapest, wish they’d have more roller coasters

LuigiBroMario says:

When your park’s idea of an addition is just a renovation.
This is why we’re just America and not GREAT America.

Gabby Serrano says:

the twisted cyclone is like the same rollercoaster the goliath at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois

Mineral_wasser says:

Wonder woman isnt the fiest songle Rail! At the skylinepark in germany are two single rail coaszer

Lets Ninja Friends says:

What video game made the animation for most of the rides

i want to see my little boy says:

2:21 this is the fricking worst roller coaster idea i’ve ever heard of. That ride would just make you so nauseous and will make you throw up.

Chloe Bates says:

That’s not scary

Gwh9 Gaming says:

Vertigo at Walibi Belgium was the first single rail coaster…

Lizbeth Lucero says:


Legomaster Yoz says:

“Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster”

They really couldn’t call it The Lasso of Truth? Sounds way better.

I KoolKid29 I says:

Ok so at my park, Six Flags Over Texas, we already have a Harley Quinn ride, but they’re making another one? Also, other parks are getting Harley Quinn rides that are just the Riddler but a different color. Great job on creativity, Six Flags…

Helen Leigh says:

Why cant st louis get a cool new coaster like, we have plenty of really nice water slides we don’t need anymore

Jairo HL says:

planet coaster xd

Alex G says:

Twisted Cyclone seems like a copy of Mexico’s Medusa but with a simpler layout.

Sabrina Morelli says:

LaRonde really needed a new rollercoaster as the Cobra just shut and The Monster keep having to shut down temporarily for maintenance. I’ll take 3 new rides for the everyone to enjoy, but was really hopping for a rollercoaster this year!

godishere says:


Kyle Fry-Holman says:

the twisted cyclone being added to six flags over Georgia looks sooooo shitty! (compared to magic mtn at least)

Lekenya Young says:

Harley Quinn is an accident waiting to happen 2 carts on the Same trail that’s just crazy

i want to see my little boy says:


Alberto Rojas says:

I am so excited to go on the world’s largest loop coaster!

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