Montana Infinitum Roller Coaster POV La Feria Chapultepec Mexico City

Follow us on Twitter! – Schwarzkopf roller coaster fans watch this! Montana Infinitum used to be “Magnum Force” at Flamingoland in the UK aka “Dreier Looping” and it’s still intense and AWSOME! Filmed & Edited by Robb Alvey –


Theme Park Lunatic Fringe says:

It is 10 times better than SooperDooperLooper

TIFF D says:

Yo me subi ahi y me encanto no esta tan feo como en la montaña rusa

yak wiseau says:

did he say “anton just raped me twice in a row” ??????

RobotwarsKing says:

As someone who remembers this one as _Magnum Force_, I have to say I do miss it.

ificouldfly x says:

Nunca me he subido a esa pero se ve que está medio fea D:

enrique bejarano cordero says:

la montaña rusa llamada intinitum la de la feria chapultepec mágico desde el pasaporte mágico, platino y premium incluyéndolos pasajeros de los parques de diversiones mientras los juegos mecánicos están definitivamente subiéndolas y bajándoselas en tinieblas.

WrekingKrew says:

looks like a 3 loop version of Olympia, that big 5 loop coaster that travels in Europe

Richy17 - Personal Channel says:

This coaster really lost it’s glory. Looked way better when it still travelled in germany.

Insane Coasters says:

That looks insane!!!

Cristhian Mayorga says:

Eso hay en Mexico o es de EEUU?

Jeremy Barker says:

This coaster looks like a mirror image of Mindbender at Galaxyland Mall in Canada.

Jude Garcia says:

Oh I remember this, I haven’t been in Feria de Chapultepec since idk I was 9 when I went and I went to this ride haha a good one tho

enrique bejarano cordero says:

quimerra esta en la feria chapultepec mágico directamente perfecta

Brady Beko says:

Its very similar to the Mindbender in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Galaxyland

little kitty says:

ya me subi esta super pasre

Kano Sahara says:

yo me subí a esa montaña rusa xdd

Luis Juárez says:

de hueva

Soe Myint Thein says:

be quiet b**ch

josé Alberto Hernandez linares says:

estachido subirse infinitum

Eni MG says:

My beautiful México has such great roller coasters like Superman and the new Medusa both are in Six Flags México.

Starsurfer1988 says:

Your screaming is annoying, sorry!

Julian Delvirn says:

Se nota lo tercermundista de la montaña, solo faltan poleas, y esclavos subiendo el carrito..pero no mal entienda, me gusta mucho la feria.

Vicente Lacambra says:

Esta te pega bien feo en la cabeza, y los coletazos dan bien feo también

Power Ranger says:

La única medio divertida que hay en la feria.

Stefanie Kottmann says:
Royale Gamer says:

0:43 jajajaa como grita el que graba XD

Stefanie Kottmann says:
dead game says:

cuanto cuesta el boleto de entrada

Hortondlfn1 says:

The only reason I dislike many of these POV videos is that the person with the camera usually can’t think of anything original to say. The overuse of profanity and vulgar language makes one wonder about the photographer’s emotional development.

Genaro Ulcuango says:

yor screimgn is feo

aliizz Ü Lopez says:

nd como six flash

delos rados says:

Ich habe den Eindruck die Bahn fährt hier schneller als früher bei Barth.

CraftCraft123 says:


Ennard Sister location says:

Can you please do a pov of blue hawk

Adriano Bannano says:

esta bien chingona esta xD Mexico señores xD

LiftedX says:

This coaster is the mirror image of Mindbender in Edmonton, Canada,

MGTOW MonkeyBoy says:

I gotta laugh at this because you said at the same time, I love me some Anton curves. LMAO too perfect. nobody builds a coaster like Schwartzkopf did. man I wish he was still alive.

erick suarez says:

Damn look how the loops sway between the 3:45 and 4:08.

Tengoyyyyy says:

damn so noisy, he can just ride without saying those nonsense shits.

DJ DK9000 says:

Feria de Chapultepec eres un clásico.

Alonso Sebastian M says:

fantástico desearía poder subirme

Sam Thomson says:

‘holy fuck’…’how was that kids?’ ha

Alex Taylor says:

Used to be at my home park (Flamingo Land) (UK)

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