Mexico City Wacky Worm Roller Coaster POV Parque Francisco Villa

TPR is at it again credit whoring a Wacky Worm, actually called “Crazy Worm” in Mexico City! This ride is located within the Parque de los Venados city park. Filmed & Edited by Robb Alvey – – Follow us on Twitter –


Nwarp says:


papermaniac says:

there are actually tons of this kind of kid coasters in all México yi can tell I am mexican.

LetsplayGamescom says:

we have this in norway

fixpacifica says:

El Loco Worm.

July Cubes says:

Welcome To México Lindo !

Ojalá graben todas las montañas rusas que se les atraviesen en el camino.


Christopher Arvizu r says:


Vega Libre says:

Wave your hand if your sad and pathetic LOL! (^_^)

JohanvandeWouw says:

I know how to work with this thing xD

Slendermanx6 says:

Wtf? LOL Some Those people were nice AFFF!!

ALSO, It was sweet how you got to get on as much times as you wanted! 😀

Imran Zikri says:

Loopy loop

Pablo García says:

YES! You are finally here!!! I can’t wait to hear the reviews of our rides.

Morgan Bennett says:

Holy shit

Emma Ramírez Serrano says:

Hahahaha LOL I used to go there when I was a child

DoctorsTARDIS10 says:

That is the derpiest wacky worm train I’ve ever seen!

Andrew Turner says:

i have the wacky wom or crazy worm as my desktop background XD

radiocaf says:

I have about 4 credits, most of them at the same caliber of Wacky Worm, but my proudest of them is Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay thanks to psyching myself up watching your video of it for a whole year leading up to my Florida vacation. lol.

Joe Macfarlane says:

That ride is at Camelot theme park in England? And it’s exact same here and at Camelot!??!

Tanja the Talented says:

this is great

Seb0riz0n says:


paxecokun says:

There are lots of this on México

Patrick Vracevic says:

here comes the drop with 10 g forces!!!!!!!

so funny!!

Matthew Gorres says:

Do you have a POV of Tornado in Bosque Magico?

PhantomoftheOpera312 says:

that is awesome


Looks like a baby ride

Brandon Caruso says:

Hey Robb better get to see you at Cedar Point Gatekeeper Media Day

Peter Jones says:

You should go to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park in England

pablo sanches says:

yo ya he ido a ese juego

Lucas Mattina says:

Ithere is the same in france but its call ” la pomme ” ( the apple )

עודד אלון says:

What a dreadful I was riding on the Hulk green island adventures and much more childish thing worth

WackyWormRCT3 says:

I would.

Saud Alsanad says:

Are in {STAR CITY} ??? 🙂

cami 1D says:

Its not calls francisco villa is parque de los venados

john polster says:

Scary as fuck

angeloflifelight says:

The face on that worm looks like he was just pulled out from the tequila bottle

Critchley1101 says:


Katya Velazquez says:


MisteriosMisteriososDeLosMisteriosExtraños says:

Hi, I am from MÉXICO.

Madison Wilder says:

Thats My Favorite Ride Ever WACKY WORM ATT SC FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               IN THEATERS June 25 2015 at 3:50 pm

Carlos Juarez says:

All Mexican towns have an “Orugas” It’s a tradition

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