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Things got a bit wild on our trip to Mexico! We stopped by a waterpark for some crazy flips and flops!

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POV shot with a GoPro Hero6

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Music: Kovan – Thrill-Is-Gone Feat Mark Borino (NCS-Release)


Ty Allembert says:

Yo. Where’s your girl

HartHelp Gt says:

Where is paco!

ArchaicRBLX says:

oi upload already lol

Nick says:

So pumped I got to see a baby salmon hahaha

Dian Parkour says:


Ethan Wolff says:

Go to BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas

john jones says:

Hey man, you Okay? No new vids or twitter in a month. Concerning. Hope you are okay

NRVOfficial says:

Quacking made it

Steven Jeffery says:

Just ordered some merch! So pumped to get it! I go around and cliff jump just like you. And it is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Makenzie Gann says:

That guy you were talking to yesterday is my uncle

TheNewWave says:

Can u post more bro ur grind is ducking up

dat676 says:

Ive watched you since about 5k subs when you did the 110ft triple gainer. Crazy how much popularity the big jumps bring in.

Tomer Sherman says:

What is the song called that is in the outro

new phone says:

Just wanted to say I Believe in the addiction

Good boy brad says:

Make paco eat a taco
(ง ⍜ □ ⍜ )ง

MyBoringLife says:

What’s the name of that waterpark?

The Great Danku Tree says:


5winder says:

Video too short, man… but cool park.

Filip Zacek says:

what camera do you use for all your Videos ? inspriring af man!!!!

Caner Ören says:


apyr ? says:

outtroe song?

TheBrianAndrus says:

This is Awesome!!!

HTTC Conner says:

Can you go there again and make a long video of this I love seeing this stuff

unemployed says:

where ya at man?

Chandra Widianto says:

Please make a part 2 with 20 minutes duration of youtube video,, 😀

Elodie Lalliera says:

Whoaaa everybody needs Amazing(craaazy) people like this in their life xDDDD

Verkkuu Pro says:


Wilhelm I. says:

Sick as always!

NickStone68 says:

God damn this looks so fun.  Only in Mexico lol.  I wish America was more reckless

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