Mexican Chinese Knock-Off Loop-Screw Roller Coaster POV Parque Bicentenario Mexico

Follow us on Twitter! – You read that right! This is not just a Chinese Knock-Off Loop-Screw, it’s a Chinese Knock-Off Loop-Screw in MEXICO!!! It doesn’t get any weirder than this! =) Filmed & Edited by Robb Alvey – www.themeparkreview


Sabino cergon says:

OOhhhh damn man you were in my city (Querétaro) i have never ridden it but since i saw this video i will do it for sure.
i like your channel, and your Weeeee is a little bit bothering but it is worth to endure just to watch the way through tha roller coaster


So basically if the water doesn’t kill you the coaster will.

PhantomoftheOpera312 says:

on a scale of pineapple to chandelier how dangerous is this?

Ezra Spencer says:

what camera do you use?

Nick McGrew says:

amen preach it bro!

cparkes92 says:

I love your videos! They’re really funny! Especially since you guys go off the beaten path to find diamonds in the rough! Back to this coaster, I think this may be better than some actual Arrow corkscrews (see Michigan’s Adventure).

Matthew Gorres says:

Please post POV of Tornado in bosque magico!!

Daniel Blaney says:

This ones lift atleast almost sounds like an arrow. Not quite but its better than the ones in China. Still horrible though.

Moopsiemunch a says:


Devin Kama'âína says:

Robb, I just want to say that I admire your sense of humor and it is my dream to do what you do. I will always be your biggest fan.

TMcKeon408 says:

Why is there a Chinese Knock-Off Loop-Screw in Mexico anyway?

Glenn Lynch says:

Was this coaster made by the same people that have the cars with the MADE IN CHINA on the sides and say Roller Coaster (no shit) on the front?


Donald Trump liked this video.

Glenn Lynch says:

Damn I see you everywhere!

Patricia Crossdale says:

Corkscrew coaster 1 looks too intense for me

GameCheater803 says:

This looks like the one originally at Knott’s.

Jon Dunham says:

same thing as the red yellow green RC he road

Theme Park Review says:


Sergio Laskoski says:

Need to be like ninja from six flags georgia

XBCPGamer29 says:

That majorly needs depumping.

Maikele says:

looks like a knock off of the python at the efteling in the netherlands only with 1 looping instead of 2

Brooldpray haunted house says:

Mexican roller costers scare the fuck out of me… scared that it might just fallapart.

Unicorn says:

Have you guys ever got stuck on a roller coaster? and have you ever filmed on a coaster that got stuck?

Joseph Lyon says:

If you die on a Chinese made roller coaster in a Mexican them park, is that Darwinism at work?

John John says:

Y do u call rides Knock-Off?

Angie aparicio says:

At least the mexican one is much more smooth then the chinese ones

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