Looping Pirate Ship Ride POV La Feria Amusement Park Mexico City


La Feria in Mexico City had this funky looping Pirate Ship Ride! Who wants to go?


Gem Yuson says:

This looks really scary. I almost fainted from the fear I felt at the carnival Galleon and now this. Whoa.

badubaduseb 2002 says:

That ride is sick, i live in México city and I’ve been there a few times

A.j Dio says:

Who sees the blood stains to the right


Yo soy de Mexico

John Brooks says:

It looks really fun! I really enjoy rides that loop upside down many times. 🙂

Joshua Moore says:

I’m quite surprised this has the same lap bars you see on regular swinging ships and not have them bigger or with over the shoulder restraints.

KentuckyWallChicken says:

That looks kind of frightening actually.

Jorg3 Guill3rmo says:

Yo soy de Mexico y ya me subí en el barco pirata tengo 12 años good video

Stephenbruh says:

I want to go

ryan toppi says:

I do obviously!!!! i love those kinds of rides!

Miwer1000 says:

Nice, a working traumshif

TwinkleBlast says:

Jfc I want to go there

ØREØ says:

i already know how this ride feels like but i have never rode it before 😛

Gabuscusbrother Lollers says:


Taylor Ward says:

Why did you feel the need to film this? It’s just a standard fair ride.

Ritika Paliwal says:

It doesn’t look safe

Laura Neuzeth says:

I want to go on this! Time to book a flight to Mexico City. lol

Vylkeer says:

How are those people tighten inside? I couldn’t notice any harness inside.

Zilla Elite says:

Do what you want cause a pirate is free you are a pirate

oh Ikaros says:

In Mexico? No thanks

Nick postlewaight says:


David Lomax says:

I when on ride like this in camelot theme park

Zaii Rome says:

I remember when I was a kid and before six flags opened , that was the most creepy thing in la feria

Matthew Robertson says:

it’s like the black pearl at lightwater valley.

Jamell Brown says:

This ride is insane

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