Loop O Plane Classic Amusement Park Ride POV 60FPS The Hammer La Feria Mexico City

The “Loop-O-Plane” is a classic, vomit-inducing amusement park ride! Is this one a YUP or a NOPE for you?


Gerado Ramírez says:

yup I like it I’ve been on it

Sokobansolver says:

This is about as vomit inducing for me as a shopping cart ride. The carnivals I went to that featured this ride only let people on at 1 side for some reason. That bar really dug into my lap uncomfortably.

Rafael Aguilar says:

Con ese lente gran angular, parece que fueran a 50 pies de altura en la toma desde adentro del carro. Ese juego es de los más bajos en altura.

Ashley Bougher says:

I’m down for it

AngelTheDoge says:

I been to this ride before and it’s not scary for me. But a i barf

Moonlight Beauty says:


yumyum yum says:

I went on this ride at a local fair and it got stuck upside down for about 20 seconds, all our faces became tomato red haha

Intamin Dude says:

The shite lookz terribls I cunt believe any1 rude dis

KarinaPopcorn says:

The scary part here isn’t so much when you go upside down… its when the ride operator can potentially let you stay upside down for almost up to a minute. Can practically feel the blood rush to your head!

Evaristo Ortiz says:

NOPE. I want intense thrills without the nausea.

Scott cook says:

also known as salt and pepper shakers right everyone??? great old ride had one at Clementon Lake park a very long time ago

Dingus says:

Yup, these are fun rides, but they hurt just a little little bit.

Luayra says:

It’s a yup, and I’ve already been there at that ride I would’ve liked to see you there in la feria the Chapultepec that day with you.

Jerod Lastname says:


Cecilia Elizabeth says:

I became dizzy, just by watching this POV video! lol

Coasterdude02149 says:

That’s a definite NOPE for me. I’d ride Top Thrill Dragster in roller skates before I’d get on one of these LOL! Loved ’em as a kid, can’t handle them as an adult.

Maxcoatl123 says:

I feel dizzy just by watching it

Sapphire Sword says:


Longnose PlayzYT says:

i would love it i love crazy rides

Kyle Flounder says:

Oh, you gotta love the classics! <3
Makes me think so much of RCT3.. 😀

Xiebe Stiers says:


Vivian San says:

my dad forced my brother and me to ride this game…. xD we had about 10 years XoX it was the scariest experience of my childhood XD

Write Brain says:

Reminds me of the Satellite ride at Knoebel’s

ZorlexX says:

the loop o plane is like a mini kamikaze

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