Lex Luthor’s Drop of Doom – Six Flags Magic Mountain

Ryan Davis, Thrill Ride Correspondent for Media Geeks, is one of the first to ride Southern California’s newest free-fall ride built onto the side of Superman: The Escape.


04백리 says:

i would die of an anxiety attack at the beginning

cristan rojas says:

I went to it and boy was it scary. Before the ride I was oy yea I got this once it went up I was like onah o nah. When we go to the top I was closing my eyes, untill you can hear cushhh of the compressed air and magnet letting go. My ahoulders touched the top of the bar and it ended.

TTD Cx says:

I’d need 5 xanax before I go on this ride

Solly B says:

The first time I tried to ride this, I made it to the front of the line and then stopped myself. Then I tried again later that day and made it on right before the park closed. It’s the only ride in Magic Mountain I’m afraid of ;-;

Brandon Pollard says:

I swear I wish I could be that guy for you that guy that gets on stuff like this.. but I’m not

HOTMAMA97 says:


I'll never be as good as me father says:

Youd be very brave gettin on that
Feckin hell

MONO JR says:

How fast It goes?

Josie Faulkner says:

that gave me the worst anxiety

Zheng Hua Xia says:

log rides are boring

Myra Mami says:

For some reason i can do any roller coaster but Not a drop ride like this one.

Hayley Nicolle Enriquez says:

Ya mesubiai

Alena Tong says:

Do u feel lots of butterflies in ur tummy that’s the only thing I’m scared of

smiling dolphin says:

That’s a Stoopid ride

Luis Topete says:

oh man i remember getting on this ride it was crazy fun but scary too probably the scariest out all the rides at six flag

BbNolga Perez says:

How many stories?

Gloria Awesomeness says:


Joe R says:

Watching this is enough for me.

BrotherSquidman says:

you couldn’t pay me to get on this.

Jon Torgerson says:

Try it with VR… That’s a mind Fuck. My reality was torn! It was AWESOME!!!!

Ebolacrash says:

i have been on this and its truly terrifying and one that says different is a liar

Propaganda Slayer says:

I can do this ride no problem.

Christy Long says:

Nothing compared to the drop tower at kings island

BlacknGinger Bunny says:

Oh hell no

Brady S says:

Been on it was so awesome!

Beautiful Butterfly says:

No way


No thanks

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