KidTums’ First Ever Sky Coaster Ride POV – Selva Magica – Mexico

Fly with KidTums on her first ever ride on a SkyCoaster!


mspitzamy says:


Holis21 says:

Omg how is she not scared she’s brave

Bertha Martinez says:

Chinga tu puta madre trump México it’s the best

Sarah F-L says:

now this rife looks LIT!

Aubrey Lagasse says:

I’m loving it!!! 😉

Lukas Tolly says:

How tall is this specific Sky Coaster

#Chris Awesome says:

lol I been on one of these when I was 10 and been on the kinda last and the drop of doom at age 11

Heatran 98 says:

I’ve been on this ride before in wildwood

AnythingSugested 4U says:

My first roller coaster ever is the Goliath at six flags great America in Chicago Illinois. I was gonna sit by my brother but then the seat he was gonna be in had sticky weird stuff on the seat belt and then I was in a WHOLE seat by myself. Look up Goliath at six flag and you’ll see that’s what I went on. By the way I’m 10.

Madison Pruett says:


Kitty Love says:

Woah! She’s way more braver than I am and I’m 15

Nicole le says:

how do you feel when your there?

im the sun says:

the real and the first one is in isreal lol

itsYeBoii says:

Ok Ok,Fine You Have More balls Than Me gg

InstagramsSlimes Loves says:

How old is she

Jaden Ramos says:


Kotaroninja says:

I rode this one


Oh my gosh I would’ve died as soon as I realized what I’d gotten myself into, good job!

LSRFuegoBros says:

She’s so brave and adorable

Not Active says:

Kid tums should go on windseeker! I heard its a really fun ride

Zach Smith says:

You dont realize how high it is till your up.. That little girl is a champ..

juan pablo gonzalez says:


Ridge Gaming and Vlogs says:

You should have her go on Space Mountain at Disney World, she’ll love it.

Vince Hoepfner says:

I’m 11 and I don’t think I can do this. She’s sooooo brave

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