Insane Slip-N-Fly In Mexico & Waterpark Fails

Enjoy this video from Mexico. We went to a waterpark and they had a giant insane Slip-N-Fly. We had a huge group of scooter riders doing insane flips and crazy fails. (Rocco Apparel)

Hey “Roc Stars” my name is Rocco and I am 9 years old living the dream in California. I post daily videos of my life that include my family, scootering, motocross, BMX, mountain biking, motorcycles, quads, jet skies, boating, extreme sports, challenges, pranks, holidays, amusement parks, roller coasters, music, collabs, water parks,, games, travels and many other crazy, fun things. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and watch daily. Love all the fans who support me and don’t make time for the haters! (Rocker Mini BMX/Rocco Signature Scooters)

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Smoakie says:

Love your channel <3

cash 08 says:


Adventures with Diego says:

Rocco I live in Mexico

Rosa Tamayo says:

I like your vids a lot Rocco

Justin-Roblox And Many More Games Like Fortnite! says:

This is from August 12,2018
Happy 10th Birthday bro!
Have a wonderful day!

Natika nevaeh says:

Happy birthday Day Rocco and its my birthday too

Kyeanah Robinson says:

Happy Birthday Rocco

MAG143 says:

You are the best youtuber

tachase nathan says:

I love u and the family especially emma

David Castillo says:

I always like your guys videos because I know that you work so hard on the videos

San Sanity says:

Happy birthday Rocco!

Marianna Aguirre says:

I speak Spanish but I was born in houston

joel luna says:

You are the only Youtubeber that I subscribed to I been whaching you since I was 6

Angel Zaragoza says:

Sup yall

Bumpkin 07 says:

happy birthday

Zoe Rowley says:

Happy birthday Rocco

Roblox_Gamez_Forz_Life 1 says:

if that slide was made out of steel i would of be ded

Oscar Torres says:

That is not mexico thats rio

Nick Pendergast says:

Your the worst

Matthew _ says:


How to draw 123 says:

Your amazing Rocco do what you do

wolfe flam says:

Some of my family lives in mecxico

Sandra Abell says:

Man I never miss a vlog from you guys keep up the amazing work love all your videos Rocco

Xbox one Hayden says:

How old are you

Blanca Diaz says:

I have watch Rocco since he was 5

Alex Miller says:

Me and you are like the same person I’m a vlogger and I love dirt bikes and scooters. I have a klx 110

xXD_O_P_EXx 100 says:


Cash Rocks 10 says:

Missed your videos so much

Matthew Rowland says:

You’re cool man keep up the good videos and that was rude of your babysitter to leave you like that

Dylan Salmon says:

The new intro is lit dude i like it

Baller 101 says:

Happy birthday Rocco!

Ts7 Sumer says:

Good vid bro

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