Thank you for watching this weeks video! Had a blast adventuring and filming for you guys! Come back next week for more!



Sateeva Valerio says:

Im mexican i have
been there itts so fun

Bushra Ahmed says:

I love your moves at the skateboard Ben

Natalie I says:

I wish he had a go pro

Amy Guo says:

Pls do one with your girl and his bro and do obstacle cores

Maria Yañez says:

99% fails when I went

Cody S. says:

Anybody else get the idea that this boy has never had a callus on his hands?

Danielle Hinchcliffe says:

Love it

femaleinstinct Karamel says:

Who’s the guy made everyone look shitty?


Your Brent’s friend I can’t believe it

Maceracı Genç says:


Denise Harden says:

My daughter says your awesome Ben Azelart love you soooooo much good night

Belinda Atkinson says:

Jake is friends with Tanner Fox

Hands Down says:

I would never go on that lol I would be way to scared that it would launch me to far and i would pass the pool and land on the concrete

Daniel Ruvalcaba says:

Welcome to Tijuana!

Charlie Cooper says:


Lukas William van Deventer says:

Did it twice. Failed it twice.
Lo hice 2 veces. Y los fracasé. Brrb

Kirti Sharma says:

7:15 when my crush calls my name

Lindy Currie says:

I’m just wondering why there is no lines and like no one there! That’s the best kind of waterpark. I still haven’t been too one that empty…..

Luca 15 Awesome says:

#halfmexican go to Tijuana

Julia and Preslie says:

this is so cool

Nicole Crowther says:

That looks lit we’re is Brent ❤️❤️

Joshua Diver says:

Why you be cusing

Kevin Boulom says:

My friend is only 7 yrs old and he has been on something like that

Maria Yañez says:

I went here it was legit nis

Jazz Kinred says:

what is jakes youtube account ???

Fearless Luis says:

i whent to that water park for 5 h

Gabriel Escobedo says:

dope intro ben

Scarlett Reames says:

Did you say Oh sh*t

Izik Semmler says:

Tell Lexi and Brent I said hi pls

Wojtek Korotko says:

I was there but they didn’t let on the sleep and slide because I was 5 but am going again

Caden Van Leeuwen says:

comparing this to other videos I’ve seen, the tricks and stuff r quite boring but nice video. less talking more doing

Eva's Vlogs says:

are you alexa’s rivera(brent’s sister)bf

Sarah -DIYS, Gaming and Entertainment says:

8:38 Sounds like a fart

Subhra Sahoo says:

when u were like about to heart was like..ohh god save him;)

Shannon Boyle says:

Woahhh that looks actually like rlly sick

Hattie Staples says:

Did he swear or is it my mind playing tricks on me?

Jose Meza says:

my daughter is. thinks that your cute

Cut, Fold, Finish says:

At 5:09 you have the same music as breanna&brooke

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